Dollywood Theme park



Dollywood is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our Guests. Our Ride Accessibility Center is available to serve our Guests who have an accessibility need and would like to enter an attraction thru the accessibility entrance. A Host at the Center will provide you with as much detailed information about our rider requirements to help you make well-informed decisions to safely, comfortably and conveniently experience our rides. Additionally, we will provide you with a Boarding Pass tailored specifically for you to include rides you will be able to participate in.

We encourage you to visit the Center prior to proceeding to a ride attraction. The center is conveniently located inside the park next to the Dollywood Emporium across from the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame.

In addition, our Dollywood Accessibility Guide, Park Map Guide and Entertainment Schedule are helpful resources to assist in planning your day prior to visiting us. You may download the Park Accessibility Guide below. The Park Guide Map is available inside the park turnstiles and the day’s Entertainment Schedule is also available.


A Calming Room has been created for the purpose of helping our Guests with special needs who may have a sensory overload while visiting us at Dollywood.  The Calming Room is a quiet, relaxing environment where the Guest and his/her family can feel safe and at ease.  

The room is equipped with sensory items such as a weighted blanket, sensory activity panel and a teepee.  To find out more information please call 1-800-Dollywood (1-800-365-5996) in advance of your visit to speak to an attendant at our Ride Accessibility Center.  When you visit the park, stop by the Ride Accessibility Center adjacent to the Dollywood Emporium and a Ride Accessibility Host will be able to assist you.