Old Flames Candles

Long before electricity found its way deep into the hollows of the Great Smoky Mountains, dining by candlelight wasn't simply a romantic notion, it was a necessity. Today, our third generation of candle crafters make an array of beautiful and useful candles by hand. Our craft shop also offers various types of candles including homemade cut and curl candles, hard to find taper candles and a large selection of uniquely themed candles. Let the lovely smells of our handmade votives and melts enhance the feel of relaxation wherever you are. Home accents, wax warmers and beautiful candle holders in an unbelievable range of shapes, size and designs can fill your space with warmth and light.

All ages enjoy the chance to dip their own candles in various colors of wax to create special family keepsakes.

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Craftsman's Valley

Dip-Your-Own Candles

Create a custom-colored candle in our candle shop.

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