Wildwood Creek

At the heart of the Grove, directly across from the iconic Tree, is Wildwood Creek, a welcome "oasis" for cooling off and taking a break. Crossing over a scenic footbridge, young and old can roll up their cuffs, wade and splash the day away in the fresh mountain water. All along the creek, there are stones to skip, shallow eddies to wade, bridges to cross and springs that tickle the senses.

Nearby a scenic waterfall, which is the source of the Creek, creates an inviting photo-op. Visitors can stroll beneath rustic, woodsy shade structures or relax on one of the seat walls lining the area. Charming musical instruments, including chimes, drums and a xylophone invite guests to create their own tunes.

Things To Know

Wildwood Grove

Height Requirements

Min: No Min

Max: No Max

Additional Info:

Recommended for guests less than 48 inches. Assistance from someone 14 or older is recommended. Children less than 12 years of age must be accompanied by someone 14 or older.

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