Mountain Waves

Splash Country Water Park
Things To Know

Types: Aggressive Family

Catch a wave in the heart of the Smokies at the Mountain Waves 25,000-square-foot wave pool. Soak up the sun poolside or tackle a wave -- it's all of the fun the beach has to offer -- without any sand between your toes!

For those who are looking for a shaded area, you can hang out under one of our many shaded areas or one of several retreats or canopies.

All riders must meet the following ride requirements:

  • Ability to exibit independent seated postural control under the dynamic conditions of the attraction
  • Appropriate observed behavior
  • Guests who use a standard wheelchair or electric convenience vehicle (ECV) must be able to leave their
  • Vehicles and walk or be assisted by their companion to the ride entrance.

Safety & Accessibility Information

An ocean-like swimming pool with simulated waves that may be strong. Mountain Waves features a zero-depth entry with maximum pool depths of 6’.

Health Recommendations

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