Blue Ribbon PavilionBlue Ribbon Pavilion

Blue Ribbon Pavilion

Indoor, private dining area with small stage that seats up to 500 guests.
Celebrity TheaterCelebrity Theater

DP's Celebrity Theater

Dollywood’s largest indoor venue which features state-of-the-art lighting and sound and can seat more than 1700 guests.
Heart Song TheaterHeart Song Theater

Heartsong Theater

Theater with unique character, perfect for an event. This theater can seat up to 250 guests and offers great sound and lighting.
Pines TheaterPines Theater

Pines Theater

Second-largest indoor theater at Dollywood offers a large stage, great sound and lighting with seating for more than 900 guests.  This theater also has a foyer with concessions built into the theater.
Showstreet TheaterShowstreet Theater

Showstreet Palace Theater

Indoor theater features bench seating for up to 900 guests with a beautiful foyer to welcome guests as they enter.