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Have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting Dollywood and remember the following:

  • DO NOT enter into any restricted areas including ride perimeters, animal enclosures and designated employee areas.
  • Enter the park through designated entrances during operating hours only.
  • Use designated walkways throughout the park. Do not cross any fences, chains, landscape areas or other barriers.
  • Be attentive to your surroundings. Watch where you are walking. Walk, don’t run.
  • Be sure to follow all rider requirements, including requirements for loose articles.

Tickets & Discounts

AAA Discount

We do not offer AAA discounts at Dollywood. However, some AAA chapters have opted to sell Dollywood tickets. Contact your local chapter to determine if Dollywood tickets are available.

Discounts at Dollywood

Dollywood’s current discount promotions can be found on our Special Offers page.

Dolly Parton's Stampede Combination Tickets

Dollywood does not offer a combination ticket with the Dolly Parton's Stampede unless your party is a group of 20 or more. Please visit our Group Information section for more information on this ticket option.

Group Rates

Yes, we offer group rates for groups of 15 or more paying Guests. Our group reservation number is 865-428-9890. Groups must make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance in order to receive one (1) complimentary ticket per fifteen (15) paid. Please see our Group Information section for more information.

Limited Activity Admission Tickets

We do not have a limited activity ticket. Dollywood tickets include all rides, shows (except special ticketed events), museums, crafts and other attractions (except for our paid games).

Military Discounts

Yes. Dollywood has always been proud to assist our military families. Visit our Military Discount Page for information on this discount.

Renewing Your Season Pass?

If you have had a season pass within the previous 3 years, you are eligible to renew that season pass. If it has been 4 or more years, you must purchase a new season pass.

Upgrading to a Season Pass

Season Passes are your best value if visiting more than one time during the season. You can apply your paid one-day admission toward the price of a season pass. This transaction must be made on the day of your visit before leaving the Park.

General Park Info

Operating Calendar

Dollywood is open approximately nine months of the year. As our schedule varies greatly, please check the Dollywood Operating Calendar for specific operating dates and hours.

Dollywood Park Map

Visit Dollywood's page or Dollywood's Destination Map. Maps are available at Dollywood just inside the main entrance of the park.

Return To The Park Later In The Day

Have your hand stamped at the exit at the Dollywood Emporium. Keep your ticket so it can be scanned when you return.

First Aid Stations

Dollywood staffs three Safety/First Aid Offices—one in the Jukebox Junction area near the Pines Theater, one in Wilderness Pass near River Battle and another in the Village area near the train crossing—with medical personnel on duty at all times during park hours. Ask any Host for assistance or directions

Lost and Found

Contact the Lost and Found Department at 865-428-9838. Lost and Found opens one hour after park opening and closes when all Guests are out of the park.

Why doesn't Dollywood have recycle bins?

You may wonder why you don’t see separate bins for recycling during your visit to Dollywood. The reason is pretty simple; we don’t need them! 

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Tips & Park Conveniences

Best Days to Visit

Depending on the time of year, some days at Dollywood can be less crowded than others. For instance, in the spring, Thursdays are less crowded. In the summer, try for Wednesday or Thursday. In the fall, you might consider weekdays. During the Christmas season, weekdays are your best bet. Our operating days and hours vary; please check our Operating Calendar to confirm the schedule.

Best Value

If you plan on visiting Dollywood more than two days, the Dollywood season pass is your best economical value.

Church Service

If you visit Dollywood on Sunday, join us for our non-denominational morning worship service at 11:30 a.m. each Sunday in the Robert F. Thomas Chapel located in the Craftsman's Valley. (During our Smoky Mountain Christmas celebration, the service begins at 5:30 p.m.)


Dollywood offers two choices for renting lockers.

  • Front Gate Lockers - All day locker rentals are available at the Front Gate at Rental Services and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Front Gate lockers are $9 for regular sized or $12 for family sized locker rentals.
  • Floating Ride Lockers - Ride to ride locker rentals are available at Wild Eagle, Mystery Mine, FireChaser Express, Daredevil Falls, Barnstormer, River Rampage, Tennessee Tornado, Country Fair, & Lightning Rod. Ride lockers are a one time fee of $7 (only regular size) for a floating locker. This means if you can rent and float from locker to locker without having to pay for each new locker.

Package Pick-Up

Instead of carrying your purchases around, please take advantage of our convenient and complimentary Package Pickup service. Any items purchased in our merchandise shops will be delivered to the Dollywood Emporium for you to pick up as you exit the Park at the end of your day. Simply let the merchandise Host know that you’d like to use Package Pickup. You’ll receive a card indicating the time your item(s) will be ready. Simply proceed to the Dollywood Emporium to the Package Pickup counter where your item(s) will be waiting! Package Pickup is offered on purchases made prior to two hours before Park closing. For your convenience, Package Pickup is staffed until Park closing.

Dollywood Rain Checks

If it is raining when you leave the Park and your visit is shortened by the rain, you can request a Rain Check—just ask. Rain Checks are distributed at the Ticket Annex, Guest Services and any one-day ticket window and are valid until the end of the season. Rain Checks are not available for Season Passholders.

Sundry Items

Regardless of how well you plan, it's still easy to forget something. The Dollywood Emporium, Gazebo Gifts, Mine Shaft, Ranger Supplies, Temple's Mercantile and Hillside General Store have an assortment of over-the-counter medications, sunscreen, bandages and other items that might come in handy.

Weather Conditions

Smoky Mountain weather is very unpredictable. You should obtain an up-to-the-minute weather report prior to your visit. Simply use the zip code "37863" on the weather website or mobile app of your choice.

Courtesy Vehicle Assistance

After your day on park, should you need minor assistance with your vehicle, call 865.428.9463 for Dollywood’s Courtesy Vehicle Assistance.  Sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Tips for Visiting with Children

Baby Care Centers

Making a day at Dollywood a little more convenient for our youngest guests-but, most especially their parents-resulted in the addition of our new Baby Care Center. Located in Showstreet, the facility offers several amenities in a pleasant, climate-controlled environment.

  • Private nursing area furnished with six gliders with foot stools
  • Two baby changing stations and a restroom

Changing & Nursing Stations

Dollywood's Baby Care Center located in Showstreet offers a private feeding and diapering facility. Restrooms with vending facilities are in Rivertown Junction, Craftsman's Valley, Country Fair and Jukebox Junction. Restrooms with nursing stations are found in Country Fair, Jukebox Junction, Market Square, The Village and Craftman's Valley near the Woodcarving Shop.

Child Ride Heights

Children can ride if they meet the minimum height requirement established by the ride’s manufacturer to ensure Guest safety. To determine which rides are suitable for your child, please visit Dollywood’s Centralized Measuring station located across from The Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame on Showstreet. Your child will be measured by a Dollywood Host and given a color-coded wristband which helps you and your children quickly identify which rides he or she is tall enough to ride. The coded wristbands correspond to the color-coded information displayed on signs at each ride in the Park. Taking advantage of Dollywood’s Centralized Measuring service early in the day can help you and your family avoid the disappointment and frustration of waiting in line only to discover your little ones aren’t tall enough to ride. Children can ride if they meet both the minimum height requirement and additional rider requirements as established by the rides manufacturer to ensure Guest safety.

Children Without Supervision

For the safety of our Guests, children must be 13 years old or older to enter without an adult. Children 12 years old and younger must be accompanied by a chaperone 16 years old or older. Unescorted children will not be admitted to Dollywood.

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms featuring their own private entrance are located in Country Fair, Owens Farm, Wilderness Pass and Showstreet

Kids' Meals

Several Dollywood eateries offer kids' meals. You'll find them at Aunt Granny's, Miss Lillian's Smokehouse and Fried Chicken, Hickory House BBQ, Grandstand Café, Red's Diner and Victoria's Pizza

Lost Children

We hope it doesn't happen, but prepare just in case your little one gets separated from you. Parents should contact the first available host for assistance if a child is lost. Also, take time upon arrival to point out uniformed Dollywood Hosts or Security personnel to your child and encourage him/her to seek help from this individual if lost. If your child is old enough, designate an easy-to-find meeting place to gather if someone gets lost.

Parent Swap

When members of a group do not meet minimum height requirements, Dollywood’s “Parent Swap” program provides hassle-free boarding of rides and attractions. Dollywood’s “Parent Swap” is easy; here’s how it works: The entire group enters through the regular Guest line where the ride Host will explain and facilitate the “Parent Swap.” (Strollers and/or loose articles are not permitted.) One adult waits with the child in a secure area (i.e., behind the loading gate or the ride exit gate; a Dollywood Host will direct you to the appropriate location.) while the rest of the group rides the attraction. Once the group returns, the adults will “swap” places with each other. On some rides, other group members may be allowed to ride again for the second half of the “swap.” After the “Parent Swap,” Guests will exit with other riders.


You can bring your own or Dollywood offers strollers for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. The fee is $13 for a single; $16 for a double. If you bring your own stroller, they may be carried onto our trams but must be free of little passengers. Whether you rent or own, check for signs identifying designated stroller parking areas at each venue or attraction. It's also a good idea to provide easily recognizable identification for your stroller. Available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Warming Bottles

Any park restaurant (this does not include concession stands) can assist you with warming a bottle. Please ask any host for assistance. Although there is no microwave available, Dollywood's Baby Care Center located in Showstreet offers a private feeding and diapering facility.

Directions & Parking

Directions to Dollywood

Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, 35 miles southeast of Knoxville, off I-40 at Exit 407. Please see our Driving Directions page and Dollywood's Destination Map for a map of the area.

Parking Fee

Yes, $15 for all standard length vehicles, $18 for oversize length vehicles such as RVs and trailers. Trams provide transportation to the Front Gate. However, parking is FREE if you purchase a Dollywood Gold Season Pass. Retroactive benefits such as FREE parking do not apply if you upgrade to GOLD after the purchase of a Season Pass.

Road Conditions & Road Closings

Information on area road closings can be found on our Driving Directions page.

Special RV Parking

Yes, you will receive a parking permit when you pay $18 at the tollbooth. This allows you to park your RV in our "Permit Parking" lot. Trams provide transportation to the Front Gate. RV parking lot is not available for overnight parking or camping.

Rides & Attractions

Age Appropriate Rides & Attractions

Most Dollywood rides have minimum height requirements which you can view in our Rides & Attractions section. But, depending on the height of your little ones, we might suggest the following rides: Toddlers: Lil' Loggers' Landing, Carousel, Busy Bees, Lucky Ducky, Piggy Parade, Amazing Flying Elephants, Lemon Twist, Wonder Wheel, Rockin' Roadway and Country Fair Games. Tweens & Teens: FireChaser Express®, Lumberjack Lifts, Mystery Mine®, Thunderhead®, Dizzy Disk, Shooting Star, Sky Rider, Tennessee Tornado, Blazing Fury, Daredevil Falls, River Rampage, Waltzing Swinger, Scrambler, Dolly's Demolition Derby, and Whistle Punk Chaser. Fun for the Whole Family: Dollywood Express, Chasing Rainbows®, Village Carousel, Eagle Mountain Sanctuary, Smoky Mountain Home, Calico Falls School House, Robert F. Thomas Chapel, and Country Fair Games.

Ride Height Requirements

If you’re visiting Dollywood with children under 48 inches in height (or you’re just not sure), make sure to visit the park’s Centralized Measuring station located located next to the Dollywood Emporium across from the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame as you enter the park. Your child will be measured by a Dollywood Host and given a color-coded wristband. The wristband helps you and your children quickly identify which rides he or she is tall enough to ride, based on the minimum height requirements established by the ride manufacturers to ensure Guest safety. The coded wristbands correspond to the color-coded information displayed on signs at each ride in the Park. Taking advantage of Dollywood’s Centralized Measuring service early in the day can help you and your family avoid the disappointment and frustration of waiting in line only to discover your little ones are not tall enough to ride.

Ride Symbols

At each Dollywood ride and attraction, you’ll find a posted symbol indicating its intensity. Three symbols are used throughout the Park: a black diamond, a blue square and a green circle. Along with watching the actual ride or attraction, the symbols are posted to help Guests make a more informed decision as to whether or not they wish to participate. The black diamond indicates a high thrill attraction; the blue square indicates a moderate thrill attraction; and the green circle indicates mild thrill attraction.

Food & Dining

Snacks From Home

After careful consideration of park policies across the nation, consultation with health and safety experts and much consideration of the welfare of our guests and employees alike, we are unable to allow coolers, food or drinks into Dollywood. Although we do not allow food or drink to be brought into the Park, Dollywood offers a wide variety of delicious foods available at our restaurants and snack vendors. (Special dietary needs should be addressed with the Foods Office prior to arrival at 865-428-9428.) However, if you would like to eat elsewhere or must leave for any reason during the day, remember to get your hand stamped and keep your admission ticket, then you can return later that same day. Dollywood does not have picnic areas at the Park, but if you would like to picnic somewhere, the Smoky Mountains National Park is a great place to visit.

Special Dietary Needs

Dollywood offers a variety of options for Guests who must make nutritional needs considerations. For more information concerning dining options for Guests with food allergies, please see this page or contact our Foods Department at 865-428-9428.


Staying well hydrated is an important part of a fun day, so we offer complimentary cups of water at all park restaurants and most food outlets; just ask. Plus, water fountains are located near all restrooms. Bottled water may be purchased.

Shows & Entertainment

Admission to Dollywood Shows

There are a variety of shows and entertainment throughout the Park which are free with your admission ticket except for our special ticketed events. Please see our Shows section for more information.

Dollywood Entertainment Auditions

Each January and February the Entertainment department conducts auditions in several cities and at Dollywood. Please call 865-428-9553 or see our Entertainment Auditions page for more information.

Entertainment Schedule

Refer to the Entertainment Schedule and Park Map upon arrival or online (when available) before you arrive. Then, identify any shows that you wish to see, locate the appropriate theater, and plan your day accordingly. Theater seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so planning ahead can be helpful. Tickets are not required for Dollywood shows (with the exception of special concerts). However, our TimeSaver line management system is offered for an additional fee which can help you save time by avoiding long lines.

TimeSaver Line Management System

TimeSaver Waits In Line For You

Yes. Dollywood’s easy-to-use TimeSaver line management system lets you avoid long show lines at select shows and rides. Click here for a complete listing of shows and rides available to TimeSaver users. Plus, learn more about TimeSaver and how you can enjoy More Time, Less Wait!

Accessibility Information

Disability Parking

Yes. Disability license plate or hang tag must be visible. Please see our Special Information for Guests with Disabilities section for more information. Standard parking fees apply. Along with ample disability parking, Dollywood also provides accessible trams for those using wheelchairs during their visit.

Wheelchair Accessibility

A majority of the Park is level to gently-rolling and is thus wheelchair accessible. Please see our Accessibility Information section for more information.

Wheelchair & Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) Daily Rental

A limited number of wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) are available for rent. (Operator must be at least 16 years of age. Operators 16-18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian at least 21 years of age sign the rental agreement.) ECVs have a 400 lb. limit. Reservations may be made online 48 hours prior to arrival with our convenient purchasing process. Reservations cannot be carried over to the next day. Wheelchairs are $12 per day. ECVs are $41 for a full day. Discounts are available on wheelchair and ECV rentals for Dollywood Gold and Super Gold Passholders. No other discounts apply. There are a limited number of ECV's, wheelchairs, and strollers available for advance booking, and the remainder are available on-park only, first-come, first-served.

Payment Methods

ATM Machines

ATM machines are located in the Dollywood Emporium, near the one-day ticket windows, in Rivertown Junction at the White Water Nature Shop, in the Village at Temple's Warehouse & Mercantile, in Country Fair near Skeeball and in Wilderness Pass across from River Battle.

Checks for Payment

Personal checks are not accepted. Group and/or business checks will be accepted for group reservations.

Accepted Credit Cards

American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. A valid photo ID is required to be presented at time of all credit card purchases. Also, the name on the photo ID must match the name on the credit card.



Below are some resources that may be beneficial to you when searching for the right place to stay for you and your family:

  • Dollywood Cabins - Located just two miles from Dollywood's entrance, come experience our spectacular mountain views and Southern hospitality while you discover the many amenities of these luxury Smoky Mountain log cabins.
  • Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort - Dolly Parton’s first resort hotel is located adjacent to Dollywood’s Splash Country. Choose from nine different room types, created with families in mind. Visit the on-site restaurant, spa, Camp DW and game room! Enjoy free trolley service to both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country and take advantage of exclusive privileges for guests with valid tickets when you stay at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort & Spa.

Pets & Service Animals


Doggywood® is a one-of-a-kind, climate-controlled indoor dog care facility. Doggywood is constructed in the style of a rustic Smoky Mountain cabin. For owners who really want to “pamper their pooch,” four cottages are available, or smaller kennels are available. An additional amount will be charged for each additional dog sharing a kennel or cottage. Visit our Doggywood Information page for prices. The daily rental fee provides each dog its own water supply, and a walk area is located adjacent to the building so owners can spend time with their pets without having to leave the park. Space is limited, and reservations are highly recommended. Please call 865-428-9826 during Park operating hours. Without a reservation, all kennels at Doggywood will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit our Doggywood Information page for more information. *Please note: Doggywood can only accommodate dogs.

Pets on Park

Pets are not permitted. Dollywood welcomes service animals on a leash or harness, but service animals are not permitted to participate in the attractions.

Clothing Guidelines & Park Policies

Alcohol and Weapons

Weapons and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Dollywood Property.

Dress & Clothing Guidelines

To preserve our family atmosphere proper clothing is required including shirts and shoes (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable). Clothing with distracting words and/or pictures will not be permitted inside the park. Guests may not wear character type costumes on park, including onsies. Male guests must wear t-shirts, muscle shirts, tank tops or opaque shirts buttoned at least 2/3 of the way up from the waist, and must wear slacks or shorts that completely cover the buttocks. Female guests must wear t-shirts, tank tops, halter-tops, opaque shirts, blouses, or dresses that are buttoned at least 2/3 of the way up from the waist, and must wear slacks, skirts, dresses, or shorts that completely cover the buttocks. Any clothing in violation of the Tennessee Code on indecent exposure will require additional cover-up. Face paint worn into the park may not be overly gruesome or cover the entire face to where the guest’s identity is altered. Dollywood reserves the right to require additional or different attire where we deem appropriate. Should a guest refuse to comply with our requests, the guest will be politely asked to leave the property.


Footwear without heel straps is not permitted on Barnstormer, Sky Rider, Waltzing Swinger, and Wild Eagle.

Smoking Policy

If you smoke, please utilize the many designated smoking areas indicated on the Guide Map. Smoking is strictly forbidden on all rides, queue lines, indoor theaters, attractions, shops and restaurants.

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