Daredevil Falls

Only a real daredevil will venture into an abandoned logging camp for a one-of-a-kind boat expedition. If you're up to the challenge, let our adventurous guides help you navigate your way through some close calls with the bears and the old left-behind lumber machinery. But, just when you catch your breath, your boat careens over a waterfall down a 60-foot drop at a heart-racing 50 mph!

Special Attraction Information: Daredevil Falls is subject to closures during inclement weather conditions including lightning, snow, and extreme cold temperatures. 30 second boarding. Opening 1 hour after park opens through May 3. Opening 1 hour after park opens September 7 - 22. Ride closes at Dusk.  


Things to Know
Craftsman's Valley
Seasonal Dates
March 13 - September 22
Height Requirements
Min Height: 42
Thrill, Water
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