Lemon Twist

Country Fair
Things To Know

Height Requirements

Min: No Min

Max: No Max

Types: Children

Once you spot the giant lemonade pitcher, you know you're not far from the Lemon Twist. Nine spinning "lemon cups" revolve around the pitcher in the center. The lemon twist is the perfect ride for little ones who are thirsty for adventure. Don't forget mom and dad because they can enjoy this one, too.

Special Attraction Information: Lemon Twist is subject to closures during inclement weather conditions including lightning, snow, extreme cold, or hot temperatures and high winds. Learn More

Note: This attraction may shut down due to extreme heat.

Safety & Accessibility Information

Guests riding this spinning “tea cups” family ride revolve atop a simultaneously rotating ride base. This ride does not have seat restraint devices.

Health Recommendations

Height Requirements:

Min: No Min
Max: No Max
Additional Info:

Under 48 in. must be accompanied by someone 14 or older.

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