Drop Line®

Timber Canyon
Things To Know

Height Requirements

Min: 55 inches

Max: No Max

Types: Thrill Family TimeSaver Eligible

Drop Line lifts guests more than 20 stories above Dollywood's Timber Canyon. The ride's gondola slowly spins around the tower as it ascends, providing guests with a bird's eye view of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Guests shouldn't get too comfortable with the commanding vantage point they find high above the ground; however, in an instant, Drop Line plummets them back to the ground in a thrilling rush of excitement.

Special Attraction Information: Drop Line is subject to closures during inclement weather conditions including lightning, snow, extreme cold, or hot temperatures and high winds. Learn More

During the Spring and Fall seasons, the social behavior of bees and wasps changes, causing them to swarm our tall attractions. Flying insects are a natural part of this area in the Spring and Fall. During the warmest part of the day, there are bees and wasps flying around the top of this attraction. We encourage each Guest to use discretion when deciding to ride.

Safety & Accessibility Information

A 200-foot-tall drop tower carries riders high above Dollywood before plummeting back to the ground in a thrilling rush. An over- the-shoulder restraint must be engaged at all times. Due to the nature of the restraint system and seat configuration, Drop Line may not accommodate Guests of larger stature. These Guests are encouraged to use the test seat prior to entering the ride queue. Guests weighing more than 287 pounds cannot ride. Additionally, the ride is equipped with a restraint system that must properly engage to allow the ride to dispatch. Regardless of a guest’s weight, if the restraint does not accommodate the body type, the guest will not be allowed to ride.

Health Recommendations

Height Requirements:

Min: 55 inches
Max: No Max

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