Wildwood Grove

Beyond an ancient hollow log and into a hidden land, Wildwood Grove beckons the explorer in all of us. Let curiosity be your guide as you journey ever deeper, past sparkling creeks, through a charming village, and under the mighty limbs of the great Wildwood Tree. This is where adventure takes root and dreams take flight. Soon, your journey in the Grove will continue even further in search of the Big Bear.

Big Bear Mountain Big Bear Mountain

Now Open

Wildwood Grove Is Now Even Bigger

Join Ned Oakley on an unforgettable family-friendly expedition in search of the "Big Bear" on Dollywood's largest attraction to date, Big Bear Mountain.

Explore The Ride

Explore Wildwood Grove

Explore, Play & Imagine Together

Meet The Grove's Inhabitants

Benjamin Bear

Benjamin Bear

Benjamin Bear welcomes you to Wildwood Grove with the friendliest smile in all the land. His happy demeanor brings joy everywhere he goes!

Flit & Flutter

Flit & Flutter

Ambassadors to Wildwood Grove and painters of the beautiful leaves of the Wildwood Tree and living things throughout the land, Flit and Flutter are the epitome of beauty and grace. 

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