A Year of Funnel Cakes A Year of Funnel Cakes

A Year of Funnel Cakes


December 05, 2022

My favorite thing to do during Dollywood's seasonal festivals is to sample items from the limited-time menus. Getting to taste something new is the sort of thrill this guy is really after. Combine my general love of trying new foods with a sweet tooth for funnel cakes, and this is the result:



Who doesn't immediately recognize the smell of funnel cakes being prepared? It's one of those aromas you recognize immediately. I've been told smell is a strong memory trigger, and based on my experience, that saying is spot on. Tell me I'm not the only one who immediately responds like Pavlov's dog when that smell floats by.

See! You can't even look at these without your mouth starting to water. Dollywood offers build-your-own funnel cakes year-round at Splinter's Funnel Cakes (near Wild Eagle) or at Crossroads Funnel Cakes (in Market Square). That means you can top your funnel cake the way you like! Think: standard toppings like candy or fruit. However, during each festival, you can try extra special funnel cakes Dollywood's culinary team created for the occasion.

I was a fan of the seasonal funnel cakes long before I became a Dollywood Insider, and thankfully so, because I already had pictures ready to go.



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Maybe I should do a separate blog on the Tasting Passes. It would give me a great excuse to eat some more Dollywood food! What do you think? Happy tasting!


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