10 Tips for Visiting Dollywood (in Spanish) 10 Tips for Visiting Dollywood (in Spanish)

10 Tips for Visiting Dollywood (in Spanish)


March 29, 2023

Are you considering a trip to Dollywood? I am excited for you. It is one of my favorite places to visit. There is a lot of good information on the Dollywood Blog, but I am here to tell you my top 10 tips for visiting this Smoky Mountain theme park.

This video is for our Spanish-speaking friends. The English version is below the video.

Know What to Expect

Dollywood has a lot to offer. Make sure you consider all there is to do, and plan accordingly. In addition to its award-winning attractions are its world-class entertainment. Also, don’t forget the excellent shopping and great food. It’s even fun to just take in the beauty and seasonal decorations around every corner.


Get Tickets

You can save a few bucks by buying Dollywood tickets online. They’ll be sent right to your phone. You can also purchase tickets at the ticket booth at the entrance of the park. Consider specials and Dollywood Season Passes, which can save you even more!


What to Bring

Depending on when you come to Dollywood, weather in East Tennessee can change within a day or two. I suggest bringing light layers. Also, remember loose articles are not permitted on rides. It’s great to wear pockets with zippers or bring a fanny pack to store small personal items.


Where to Stay

Dollywood has its own resort lodging- Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa and soon-to-be Heartsong Lodge and Resort. I’ve stayed on property at Dollywood several times and absolutely love it. There, you find spacious rooms, amazing amenities and free transportation right into the theme park. The surrounding area of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg also offers many other accommodations to suit any need and budget, but my choice is staying with Dollywood.


Get a Map and the App

When you enter Dollywood, look just to your right for some park guides which include a map and show times of all the current entertainment offerings. Everything that is available in the map is also on the Dollywood app (and the app includes ride wait times). Download it easily and be on your way!


Cinnamon Bread and Kettle Korn

Many will say a trip to Dollywood is not complete without cinnamon bread. In fact, the cinnamon bread itself has a large fan base. It’s so delicious and made fresh throughout the day! Get yours at the Grist Mill. Another thing worth having is Dollywood’s Kettle Korn. I cannot come to the park without getting a bag of it. There are always unique flavors changing with the season—and I can never get enough.


Ride the Train

Riding the Dollywood Express is a fun experience that is uniquely Dollywood. Where else can you ride a real old steam locomotive around the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in a theme park? - Nowhere. Don’t miss this.


Scout Food Options

There are many great dining options to suit all tastes and lots of changing seasonal offerings. Consider getting a Tasting Pass during one of the festivals if you want to sample several items, or take time to sit down and enjoy a meal.


Consider Spending Another Day

A day trip to Dollywood is great, but you can extend the fun and memories with plenty to do in a multi-day trip to the park. You won’t run out of things to do.



Don’t fret over planning every detail. Dollywood has so much to offer and many friendly park hosts to help guide you on your way. When I first visited Dollywood, I knew very little, and the surprise of it all was part of the excitement and fun. Take time to truly enjoy it and make memories with your friends and family.


Have a great trip to Dollywood! Maybe I’ll see you there!


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