3 Dollywood Easter Eggs You Could Easily Miss


March 14, 2022

Great theme parks have hidden Easter eggs that if you don’t look closely, you can easily miss. I have been going to Dollywood for years (living right down the road), and I still find all sorts of neat things every time I go! I wanted to share these three that you can look for next time you come to Dollywood:



  • I intentionally did not give the exact location of the mouse in the Valley Wood Carvers shop. Ask your kids or grandkids try to find them in the store as a fun scavenger hunt! Read the story behind the mouse here.
  • At the time of making this video, there were more than 35 30-year host signs. See how many you can spot as a group next time you come. Read this blog to learn more about this recognition program.
  • As I mentioned in the video, you can make reservations at the Song & Hearth: A Southern Eatery restaurant inside Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa (there’s no cost to park at the resort). It is one of our favorite restaurants in the area, and you can see Dolly’s “Dream Box” while you are there!



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