4 Dollywood Must-Have Sweet Stops 4 Dollywood Must-Have Sweet Stops

4 Dollywood Must-Have Sweet Stops


September 30, 2022

As Dollywood goers, I feel like we all fall into different categories. In my family, we have the "What can I ride next?" crew and the "What can I eat next?" crew. I am the latter. When I head to Dollywood, my eyes are set on all things sweet. One of the best parts of visiting often is that each season comes with new flavors and creations. Throughout the year, Dollywood offers themed festivals which include Dollywood’s Flower & Food Festival, Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration, Dollywood's Harvest Festival and Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas. Each festival includes new culinary creations specific to the flavors of that season. Today, I’m going to share my favorite locations to hit for those must-have sweets.

Insider Tip

One of my biggest tips is to download the Dollywood app so you have the map at your fingertips to locate your stops easily.


The Spotlight Bakery

The Spotlight Bakery is an easy target at the start or end of your adventure to get seasonal goodies. It’s one of the first buildings you encounter on Showstreet. While the menu selection changes often, you’re sure to find cookies, pastries and baked goods. It’s also the place where you can find the famous 25-pound apple pie – buy by the slice or the entire pie. My family's favorite Spotlight Bakery treat is always the cupcakes. They catch my children's attention with different toppers and festive decorations.

The Sweet Shoppe

A stop inside Dollywood’s Sweet Shoppe is a must on your adventure through the park. Located on Showstreet, the shop has its year-round offerings of handmade candies, packaged candy, hand-dipped apples, ice cream creations and much more. Seasonal waffle desserts are always our top pick. The freshly baked Liege Waffles are topped with fresh whipped cream or ice cream based on which one you choose. I prefer the ice cream waffle sandwiches, and you can customize these by choosing your flavor.

Splinter’s Funnel Cakes and Crossroads Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes are such a favorite at Dollywood that you can get them in multiple locations. Growing up, funnel cakes I always had were topped with plain powdered sugar. Dollywood upgrades the original cakes and transforms them into creations that feed the whole family. You can customize it with your own toppings or choose one of the seasonal items. Dollywood’s Summer Celebration introduced me to my favorite funnel cake: the Smore’s Funnel Cake. This concoction features a freshly fried funnel cake topped with hot fudge, marshmallow cream, and graham cracker crumbs. But, you can’t go wrong. Your taste buds will be happy with any cake you choose.

Grist Mill

Located inside Craftsman’s Valley is the iconic Grist Mill. Dollywood lovers all know that cinnamon bread is a must—no matter what season. As you wait in line, you can watch the bakers make the bread. You have the option of eating it as-is, with white icing (think cinnamon roll) or dipped in apple butter (this gives it a savory taste). Regardless of which way you eat it, a stop to get cinnamon bread is a must. You can get it at Spotlight Bakery, too, but I love the Grist Mill experience.

I want to include a few honorable mentions before I wrap up this blog. If you have kids who maybe are a tad picky, here is a list of kid-approved snacks. And, if you are looking for something sweet that won’t require sitting to eat, kettle corn is a great option. The best part is like everything else, it changes seasonally. There are plenty of sweet options when you visit Dollywood!


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