5 Hidden Gems at Dollywood’s Splash Country Not To Miss 5 Hidden Gems at Dollywood’s Splash Country Not To Miss

5 Hidden Gems at Dollywood’s Splash Country Not To Miss


June 26, 2023

I recently visited Dollywood’s Splash Country with my family, and it amazes me every summer that there are several areas of Splash Country that are different from year to year.  I wanted to highlight a few of the wonderful things you do not want to miss on your next visit to Splash Country.

Healthy Food

When I visit a water park, I often am worried about the combination of sunshine and too much snack food that can cause upset stomachs.  Dollywood’s Splash Country has a great variety of healthy food options.  On my most recent visit, I was able to enjoy an acai fruit bowl from the Blended Peddler food truck.  It was delicious and refreshing.


Insider Tip

Download the Dollywood app prior to your visit to see what food trucks or dining options will be open on the day you visit Dollywood’s Splash Country.

slick rock.jpeg

Look at the park map so you don’t miss any rides!

Dollywood’s Splash Country is uniquely located in the Smoky Mountains, so many rides are carved into the side of the beautiful hills.  A few slides can be overlooked if you don’t know where they are.  We walked to the far right of the water park and found the Slick Rock Racer past the Mountain Twist, but we nearly missed the Tail Spin Racer immediately to your left as you enter the park.



Don’t forget about the Cascades

The Cascades are located in the back of Splash Country, close to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa.  The Cascades have plenty of seating, smaller water slides and a splash area for younger kids.  It is a serene area of this water park that allows you to have some shade and plenty of water to cool off. And don’t worry - there are plenty of food options in the area as well!

The Calming Area.

The care and thoughtfulness of the teams at Dollywood Parks & Resorts continue to amaze me every time I visit.  As I was walking up to view my kids racing on the Mountain Twist, I found a little grassy area I have never noticed.  Tucked away from the noise of the slides is a calming area designed for anyone who might need a break.  There were fidget toys, chalk boards and rocking chairs ready to receive a family member who might need a moment to themselves. 


All Season Memory Pass.

The All Season Memory Pass is a great way to capture photos throughout the day.  If you ride an adventure ride like River Rush or relax around the lazy river, there are opportunities to utilize your All Season Memory Pass.  I am thankful that I can store my phone in a locker but still get photos throughout the day.  Hosts are available at designated photo opportunities to take your photos throughout the park as well.



All Insiders Water Park


All Insiders Water Park

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