6 Dollywood Upgrades You Need 6 Dollywood Upgrades You Need

6 Dollywood Upgrades You Need


January 18, 2023

Are you ready to make your Dollywood trip the best ever? I am excited today to share with you six Dollywood upgrades that you'll absolutely want to do for your family to make the most out of your theme park visit. These are upgrades that you'll really enjoy the value of your investment.

Dollywood Season Passes

Let's go with the first upgrade I would suggest: a Dollywood One-Day ticket upgraded to a Diamond or Gold Season Pass. If you plan on visiting Dollywood two times throughout the entire season, this pass is worth the upgrade. (For everyone in your family!) I could write a whole post on the advantages of this Dollywood upgrade, but I won't because my fellow Insider already has. Check it out here. Some of the ways that I save the most with this upgrade include free parking for every visit [with Gold and Diamond passes] and discounts on merchandise and food.



Preferred Parking

Before we get into the upgrades inside the park, let's take a look at upgraded parking options. Dollywood has general parking that spans a large area, and on busy days, those close spots get full pretty fast. If you want to start your Dollywood day faster, I recommend upgrading your parking to Preferred Parking (Lot G). This lot is located right outside of the Dollywood gates and with this parking upgrade, you even get to go through your own special entrance making the lines even shorter.




Insider Tip

This lot is located on a hill, so I suggest dropping off your party in the loading spots at the bottom of the hill while you park the car. You can pick up from the same place.



Dollywood Photo Pass Card



This is an upgrade that I haven't used yet, but plan to for the 2023 season. The reason I am so excited to try it is because I'm almost always the one not in family photos. When my family of four goes to Dollywood, we take pictures of the kids, but I would love to have some with all four of us. If you are Dollywood Season Passholders like my family, the Multi-Day Photo Card would be the best bet. You can have unlimited photos taken the entire season and simply download and print all the photos you want! For memories, I think this is definitely a Dollywood upgrade that you shouldn't overlook. Keep watching for this option to come online as we get closer to park opening!




Just like every other upgrade, there's a lot to say about TimeSaver passes at Dollywood. If you want to learn everything you can about this expedited-line pass, check out this blog post. While my family doesn't necessarily purchase TimeSavers each time we visit the park, they are super nice when we have them.



If you're staying at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa, you'll get one for each family member. If you're not, and you're visiting Dollywood for only one day during a busier time, I highly suggest you consider purchasing TimeSavers for who want to ride as many rides as possible.



Refillable Mug

This is a Dollywood upgrade that I never knew I needed until I experienced it! There are two types of refillable mugs at Dollywood.



If you're a Season Passholder, go for the All-Season Unlimited Refills Mug because you get FREE refills all season long. The biggest perk of this mug, in my opinion, is the fact that you don't have to wait in line to get a refill. You can fill your mug at any of the soda fountains at your leisure. For those who are only visiting one day, the One-Day Unlimited Refill Mug is a great option. All refills for that day are free. Then, you can bring the cup again on another day and get all refills for $.99 each.



Insider Tip

There are more snack upgrades available around the park, too. Check out the refillable souvenir buckets for popcorn, kettle corn and pork rinds!




Tasting Pass

Finally, I can't leave out the Tasting Pass Dollywood offers during each festival. It's one of my favorite new additions, and I am so excited that the culinary team continues to come up with amazing menus throughout the year.



While you can purchase anything on the festival menu without a Tasting Pass, you'll save money if you do purchase a pass, and I'm always looking for ways to save money at Dollywood. The Tasting Pass will give you a chance to try five different foods on the festival menu, which are located at different culinary locations throughout the park. It's such a fun way to try all that Dollywood has to offer each season!


Insider Tip

Download the Dollywood app to help you find the culinary booths and the festival foods that you want to try with your Tasting Pass.


While none of these upgrades are required to make your day at Dollywood, they will make a great day even better! These upgrades could end up saving your family money, making for a more relaxed day with shorter wait times and preserving all those precious Dollywood memories for years to come! If you've purchased one of these Dollywood upgrades in the past, which is your favorite?


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