Found: Best Spots for Vegetarians/Vegans at Dollywood Found: Best Spots for Vegetarians/Vegans at Dollywood

Found: Best Spots for Vegetarians/Vegans at Dollywood


March 31, 2023

When you’re dealing with food allergies or certain dietary restrictions, eating away from home can be hard. You may constantly be worried about what food options exist, how certain items are prepared, if anything is cooked with dairy products or meat. The list goes on.

At Dollywood, every year it seems like the staff is constantly adding to what options are available for vegetarians, vegans and those with other dietary needs. And they’re also improving the planning experience as they’ve made these options a lot easier to find by posting menus on their website and creating a search tool within their app to filter dining options according to dietary restrictions.

Below is a quick glance at some of the best options I found available for vegetarians and vegans throughout the park. My daughter has a milk protein allergy, so we are limited to only ordering things that are vegan/dairy-free for her, and my husband is a vegetarian so we look for options that work for him while in the park as well.

Front Porch Café

One of the top places on the list that offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu items is Front Porch Café. This location has a variety of Beyond Meat products and dairy-free options. You can order the Black Bean & Quinoa Vegan Tacos, Vegan Roasted Tomato Pasta, Vegan Black Bean Burger or Vegan Hot Dog.


Till & Harvest Food Hall

When you’re in the Wildwood Grove section of the park, head to Till & Harvest Food Hall. Here, you can find Mexican and American options. The veggie burger is available here, but I think you should try the Black Bean Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato or the Mexican Street Corn Kale Salad.

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Dogs N Taters

Believe it or not, Vegan Corn Dogs and Tater Twirls are available upon request at Dogs N Taters. If you are concerned about cross contamination, you can let any and all of the locations know and they will use contaminant free utensils for you.

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Red’s Drive-In

At Red’s Drive-In, you can grab a basket of fries that are made in a dedicated fryer for allergy-friendly visitors. While there, you may also grab their Vegan Garden Salad or PB&J Sandwich for the little ones.


Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots locations can be found throughout the park. As a vegetarian or vegan, you can order the Rainbow Ice flavor as it’s vegan/dairy-free.


Lumber Jack’s Pizza and Iron Horse Pizza

Gluten-friendly and vegan pizzas are available upon request at two pizza locations: Lumber Jack’s Pizza and Iron Horse Pizza. These pizzas are also free of the top nine allergens in the U.S. Options include a Fire-Roasted Vegetable pizza, Meatless Meat Lovers and Meatless Pepperoni. And, don’t forget the great salads!


Aunt Granny’s Restaurant

Aunt Granny’s Restaurant offers home-cooked Southern cuisine. Choose from your pick of comfort-food sides that are vegetarian-friendly.


The Grist Mill

Did you know that Dollywood’s cinnamon bread is a vegetarian and dairy-free option? Although not 100% vegan, the butter cream is made with a butter alternative rather than real butter to support allergen awareness, which helps to land this fan-favorite a sweet spot on our vegetarian-friendly list!


As you can see, there is a growing list of options available for both vegetarians and vegans at Dollywood. This park is allergen-friendly—not holistically allergy-free.

If you have certain dietary restrictions or if you’re feeling unsure before your visit, you can always call ahead or ask to see the allergy binder at each food place if you have questions about ingredients and how the food is prepared. You may also go to any dining location and inform them of your food allergies; they are prepared to “start fresh” where they will get all new cooking utensils, clean cooking surfaces and cook your food fresh.

Dollywood takes food allergies seriously, so, rest assured. You may also send them an email at at least five business days before your trip, and they'll help you find the best options for your family.


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