Can I Bring My Stroller to Dollywood? Can I Bring My Stroller to Dollywood?

Can I Bring My Stroller to Dollywood?


August 09, 2022

“Can I bring my stroller to Dollywood?” asks every parent ever. YES! Dollywood has zero stroller sizing rules! You can bring your stroller or wagon to the park, no questions asked. If you need a stroller or wagon to make it through a day at the theme park (or water park!) then please bring it. If you plan to ride the tram from the parking lot to the gate, your stroller will have to be folded and held in the seat with you, so I recommend bringing something easily transportable.

Insider Tip

Park in Dollywood’s Preferred Parking Lot, and you won’t need to lug your stroller on the tram! Roll that baby right in the front gates—child strapped in. No folding and unfolding required.

Forget your stroller at home or halfway through the day you realize the little legs in your party will need a lift before the day is over? Dollywood offers stroller rentals at the front of the park on a first come, first served basis.

As you make your way through the park on your visit, look for signs designating stroller parking areas.

Insider Tip

Find a way to make your stroller or wagon easily identifiable. You’ll want to be able to spot it in the crowd.

Whether you decide to bring your own wagon or rent a stroller upon arrival, know that Dollywood is family friendly and you will find plenty of other families toting their little ones around the park by the end of the day – me included!


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