Building Courage at Dollywood’s Splash Country Building Courage at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Building Courage at Dollywood’s Splash Country


June 06, 2023

The water slides and rides at Dollywood’s Splash Country provide amazing summer fun, but they can also be intimidating for some of the little ones in your family. If your child wants to experience the fun of the big slides but needs a bit more encouragement before tackling them, this plan should help him or her build courage at Dollywood’s Splash Country.


The Cascades

The Cascades is the perfect place for a waterslide beginner. In this family-friendly lagoon style pool, you will find two small slides. One is short and wide, allowing you to actually accompany your child as they slide. The other is a bit taller but extremely tame and is a great first slide for kids to do alone.

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Bear Mountain Fire Tower

Your next stop should be Bear Mountain Fire Tower. At this multi-level interactive water play area, your child can try seven slides of varying heights and thrills. With some just a few feet off the ground and others starting a few stories off the ground, spending time at Bear Mountain Fire Tower will allow your child to build confidence while having a blast.

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The Butterfly

If your child is at least 48 inches tall, the Butterfly is a great first stand-alone slide. This 55-foot-long slide has no twists, turns or tunnels, making it look less intimidating to kids. The Butterfly features two side-by-side slides, so you can slide at the same time as your child, making it double the fun!

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Group Raft Slides

Once your child has conquered the smaller slides, the next step is a big slide that you can do together. Dollywood’s Splash Country features two slides that allow riders to sit together in a large round raft. Our family’s favorite is Raging River Rapids, which allows three to five people to ride together down the exciting twists and turns. Note that riders must be at least 36 inches tall. And if you would like to have five people in your raft, at least one rider must be between 36 and 50 inches tall.

Big Bear Plunge is also a group raft ride, allowing three or four riders to slide together. This slide also has a minimum height of 36 inches, and it is sure to be a hit with your new water-slider.

Insider Tip

If your child already has experienced very small water slides, you may want to start your day on the group raft slides. These slides tend to have shorter wait times earlier in the day, which will help you make the most of your visit to Dollywood’s Splash Country.


After mastering the group raft rides, head to RiverRush for an extremely unique experience. This water coaster races up and down hills, around curves, and through multiple twists and turns. Up to four people can ride together, and most kids absolutely love this thrilling slide. Be sure to smile for the camera on the first drop!


Wild River Falls

The final destination for creating a new waterslide-lover is Wild River Falls. If your child is between 36 and 50 inches tall, you can use a double tube and soar down a traditional waterslide together. With dark tunnels and waterfalls, this slide is a great test to see whether your child is ready to slide solo.

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If your child is still smiling and loving the slides, he or she is ready to be declared a water slide aficionado. By starting small and working your way through the water park, your child can be splashing down even the most daring waterslides by the end of your visit to Dollywood’s Splash Country.


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