Date Night at Dollywood Date Night at Dollywood

Date Night at Dollywood


April 20, 2023

I bet you’ve considered Dollywood as family time, but have you thought about having a date night at Dollywood? Dollywood has so much to offer for you and your special someone. Let’s look at all the options, how to make it affordable, and fun no matter what your interests are.

Season Pass

First off, if you can picture Dollywood being a consistent date night throughout the year, I would suggest purchasing a season pass. This helps make each additional trip more affordable. Check out this blog post to hear more on how much you can save with a season pass. One reason we love having a season pass is so we never feel like we have to do all the things in one visit. We know we will be back again soon, so we take our time enjoying each amazing feature in the park.


Dollywood has some of the best theme park food. If you and your date love to eat, then Dollywood has many options for you. There is the ever famous cinnamon bread, the Southern comfort food restaurants, and seasonal food offerings which change with each season of the year. If you have a hard time deciding what to eat, the tasting pass is a wonderful option to give you a little taste of multiple things, as well as help you save some money. Tasting passes are available during most of the park’s great festivals. Dollywood also has refillable mugs and refillable food options, which can help with affordability. If food really excites you for date night, check out the “Dining” tab in the Dollywood Insiders blog page. There is a ton of information on food in the park as well as information on food allergy concerns.


Shows & Entertainment

Dollywood offers some amazing shows throughout the year. Each season they change, so you can take your pick of concerts, musical productions and other entertainment all year long. My personal favorites are the Christmas shows. Why go pay for JUST a ticket to a show somewhere else, when you can come to Dollywood and attend multiple shows throughout the day as well as enjoy all the other activities in the park? Not to mention these shows are included in your ticket price!

Rides & Attractions

This one might be obvious, but if you and your date are rollercoaster junkies, you WILL NOT be disappointed visiting Dollywood on your date night. Dollywood has multiple thrilling roller coasters throughout the park, including Lightning Rod, which debuted as the fastest wooden roller coaster. There is a new roller coaster opening in May 2023, so even more reason to head to Dollywood for your next date night.


If specialty shopping is your thing as a couple, Dollywood will surprise you with many unique shopping experiences. Worried about carrying all your purchases? No problem - Dollywood offers package pickup at the exit, so you can have all your purchases waiting for you when you are through with your date night.


Dollywood has been voted the most beautiful park in America, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Each season of the year, Dollywood has themed décor throughout the park, as well as 11 themed areas of the park that do not change. One of my favorite areas in the park is Jukebox Junction, which has a 1950s feel to it. It is inspired by Dolly’s hometown of Sevierville. Fall and Christmas time are a romantic time to visit with all the lights around the park. During those times of the year, my husband and I choose to just walk around the park eating, talking and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.


Dollywood offers such a variety of activities to connect with your special person for a date night. You can also make it more affordable by considering money-saving options like season passes, tasting passes and refillable mugs/food. Why not start planning now?


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