My Daughter's Top 5 Kid Rides at Dollywood My Daughter's Top 5 Kid Rides at Dollywood

My Daughter's Top 5 Kid Rides at Dollywood


June 03, 2022

People often ask if there is enough for kids to do at Dollywood to justify a visit. The answer is always a resounding yes! The first time I visited with my daughter (who was 4 at the time), I was shocked at the number of rides she was able to ride. We literally closed the place down that day and they had to tell us it was time to leave—and she still didn’t do everything she could have done! In this post I am sharing Emma Kate’s (age 7) top five kids’ rides at Dollywood. Rides are in order from least intense to most.

Hidden Hollow: (Wildwood Grove, no minimum height requirement) While not technically a ride, it’s an important one! Emma Kate calls this one the “inside playground” and it’s a great place to cool off, sit and charge your phone while the little ones play. Kids love to climb no matter the age, so this place is perfect for everyone! I think she would stay in here all day if I let her. She always makes new friends!

Lumberjack Lifts: (Timber Canyon, minimum height requirement 40 in.) Emma Kate loves this one because it is more of an interactive ride (the more you pull the rope, the higher you go!) She loves proving how big and strong she is by doing it herself. Such a fun and cute one for kids!

Shooting Star: (Country Fair, minimum height requirement 36 in.) This one has the surprise of a drop ride, without the big drop. It gives just enough of a thrill to make little kids squeal without getting too high off the ground. Emma Kate will get in line for this one over and over again, and it’s so fun to watch her smile and laugh every time it drops!

Whistle Punk Chaser: (Timber Canyon, minimum height requirement 36 in.) Affectionately called “the orange coaster” by my daughter, this was her very first Dollywood ride ever and will always hold a special place in my heart. She first rode at age 4 and thought she was such a big kid for riding a “roller coaster!” Low to the ground and more twisty than scary, this is a fun one even I enjoy.

Great Tree Swing: (Wildwood Grove, minimum height requirement 36 in.) Emma Kate calls this one the “pirate ship ride,” and I kind of agree! It took a little more courage to get her on this one, and now she LOVES it and insists we go multiple times in a row on every visit. She has even made my dad go along with her on a few occasions. She loves to swing, so it makes sense that this one is a favorite.

This list of the top five kids’ rides at Dollywood barely scratches the surface of all the things that kids can do. We spend a lot of time in Country Fair and Wildwood Grove, and I am cherishing these moments before they are gone. The great thing though is that even when she has moved on to bigger coasters, Dollywood has plenty of those to choose from then, too! Don’t forget to get your kids measured at the front of the park and get a height wristband so that they don’t have to be checked before going on every ride. Have a great time!


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