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Dollywood Character Guide


October 29, 2022

Dollywood is the home to an array of friendly characters waiting to meet you. Who is who, and where do you find them? Let me break it down for you, and come meet them for yourself!

The Locals:

Benjamin Bear This cheery black bear lives in Wildwood Grove at Dollywood. He became friends with some locals (named Flit and Flutter). They made him a necklace from the leaves of the Wildwood Tree which he wears as a token of their friendship. Benjamin loves taking pictures with guests.

Flit and Flutter Speaking of Flit and Flutter, they are the two resident butterfly ambassadors of Wildwood Grove. They say they live up in the Wildwood Tree but come down to interact with guests (and during Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival, they travel to different areas of the park, drawn by the multitude of beautiful colors and fragrances of the flowers). In Wildwood Grove, Flit is described as the playful and sometimes clumsy one, while Flutter is graceful and more musically inclined. Both have a fascination with bubbles. They usually come down only one at a time to meet and take pictures with guests. But, sometimes you'll catch them together.

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Benjamin Bear, Flit and Flutter are usually seen around the Wildwood Tree.

Apple Jack

You'll likely hear Apple Jack before you see him. He'll be picking his banjo, entertaining guests as they walk through Craftsman's Valley. This apple picker usually wears his plaid shirt, overalls and a straw hat. Dolly Parton sings about him in her song "Apple Jack." She sings, "He was loved by everyone he ever knew." Check out this video of him playing his banjo:

Miss Lillian (The Chicken Lady)

One of the most unique and energetic locals you'll find in Dollywood is Miss Lillian. She aims to brighten people's days all the more at Dollywood, playing her ukulele or banjolele and singing songs. These songs are oftentimes impromptu and all related to chickens. She is dressed head to toe in chicken themed clothes. If you're lucky she'll even give you a chicken blessing and meet her friend Chicken Little. (What is a chicken blessing? You'll just have to meet her to find out.) You certainly won't regret it. She also is the only character with her own restaurant, Miss Lillian's Smokehouse. You'll usually find her just outside her restaurant near the Grist Mill.

You can learn more about Miss Lillian here.


Frances is Dollywood's mega-fan and park know-it-all. He's a bit on the quirky side and embraces it. He often wears a sweater vest covered in Dollywood pins, mismatching tube socks and a colorful umbrella. He'll tell you all about the park and field any questions while throwing in some great jokes and puns along the way. It's his favorite thing to do! Frances is found all over the place. I've seen him before on Showstreet and Market Square.


This [animatronic] vulture may often be overlooked when considering the characters of Dollywood, but he deserves his place in this list. He is one of the resident vultures of Mystery Mine. You'll always find him just out front of the ride in Timber Canyon, telling stories and warning people of the mysteries within.

Seasonal Characters:

Great Pumpkin LumiNights Characters

During Dollywood's Harvest Festival, you'll find a slew of unique characters in addition to the regulars. They come out as day turns to night (about 5 p.m.), and you can find most of them around the colossal pumpkin tree in The Plaza at Wilderness Pass. There's the Pumpkin Master dressed in purple tuxedo and a pumpkin adorned top-hat, Pumpkin Penny and Pumpkin Polly dressed all whimsical for the season, Harvey the Pumpkin, and Patches the Scarecrow. In 2022, Dollywood introduced Hoot Owl and Ollie the Owl. What are all of their stories? You may just have to come to Dollywood and find out! Smoky Mountain Christmas Characters

Did you know Santa Claus has a cabin in the Smoky Mountains? Dolly invited him to enjoy a cozy spot as he works on his Naughty and Nice List. Did you know that the cabin is located in Dollywood? That's right! You can come get a peek at what Santa is working on during the Christmas season. You may even meet few of his favorite elves! Read more about Santa Claus at Dollywood here.

The Town Crier is another Christmas character you may encounter on your way through the park. Specifically, he roams Showstreet, Rivertown Junction and Jukebox Junction in his top hat and cloak. He spreads the daily news about the park. He's available to answer questions and share helpful hints about show schedules and good deals. He's in the know and happy to spread merriment wherever he goes.

Festival Characters

At any point in the season, Dollywood has roaming musicians who love to entertain guests they meet on the street. It's a special opportunity that has become a staple in recent seasons. The lineup of talent may change, but the mission is always the same: to create emotional connections. Dollywood invites visitors to experience the heart and soul of the Smoky Mountains. This season, those musicians have been people like Amazing Addie, Sarah Jean, Amy Hall & Pink Betty and Tennessee Ashley.

Future Characters

Who else could be coming to Dollywood? The place is ever-expanding and drawing in all sorts of character and talent. Come to the park and meet the local characters yourself, snap some pictures and make some memories.

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Learn about how Dollywood looks for the best talent when it comes to characters in this blog.


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