Is Dollywood Fun if You Don’t Like Rides? Is Dollywood Fun if You Don’t Like Rides?

Is Dollywood Fun if You Don’t Like Rides?


September 26, 2022

When you hear the words theme park, the first thing that might come to mind is rides and roller coasters. If that’s your thing, great. But, if you’re not into roller coasters, you might not get too excited. Luckily, if your family has planned a trip to Dollywood and you’re not much of a ride enthusiast, you’re in luck. There are so many other things to do at Dollywood, even if you don’t like rides. Dollywood is known for its fun rides, but if you want to skip the coasters, you can still plan on a day of fun. Dollywood offers a multitude of attractions that you can enjoy with both feet planted on the ground.

What Can You Do at Dollywood Besides Roller Coasters?

Here are some things you can do at Dollywood if you don’t like rides:

Watch a Show

Dollywood offers a variety of entertaining shows throughout the day—every day. You’ll find fun shows at indoor theatres and outdoor venues all over the theme park. Along with the core offerings, there are seasonal shows available as well. Check the daily schedule to see what's happening during your visit.

Eat a Great Meal or Snack

One of my favorite things about Dollywood is the food options. There are so many great places to get unique treats and wonderful meals. From fried chicken and funnel cakes to flatbread pizzas and cinnamon bread, you can find it all inside Dollywood. There are even vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options available inside Dollywood as well.

Attend a Festival

With festivals spanning the entire year, there’s likely to be a unique event happening during the time you visit Dollywood. Take time to enjoy the incredible décor, special menus and entertainment. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll be checking the operating calendar for the next Dollywood festival.

Play Games

Dollywood’s charming Country Fair area lets you have a carnival-like experience right inside the theme park. The atmosphere is so nostalgic with games, food and activities, you’ll think you’ve stepped back into time to a small-town county fair. The claw machines and basketball games will definitely have you reminiscing about your childhood days at the local fair. If this area isn’t enough, look for more games near Tennessee Tornado at the top of Craftsman’s Valley!

Enjoy Craftsman’s Valley

Valley Forge Blacksmith, Old Flames Candles and Smoky Creek Leather are just a few of the craft shops you’ll find in Craftsman’s Valley. If you love handmade goods, this is a great way to enjoy hours of browsing. Some shops even offer daily demonstrations and the chance for you to participate in small crafting projects to create your own special keepsake like make your own knife, dip your own candle or blow your own glass ornament.

Browse the Shops

Dollywood takes theme park shopping to a whole new level. There are over a dozen shops and merchants that offer the traditional park souvenirs or more customized items. So, whether you’re looking for a t-shirt or unique home goods, you’re in luck at Dollywood.

People Watch

Dollywood is such a happy place. You can get so much joy from just sitting and watching others. I love taking a break to simply sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the park. I love seeing children get so excited about rides, snacks, music and more. There are lots of great places to sit and enjoy the park.


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