Dollywood Homeschool Itinerary Dollywood Homeschool Itinerary

Dollywood Homeschool Itinerary


November 04, 2022

Dollywood is a great way to spend a family day together. Adding learning to your day of fun is homeschool perfection!! First off, here are a few pro tips for planning a fantastic day:

  • The Dollywood app is key for finding showtimes and mapping out your route through the park.
  • Dollywood dedicates specific Homeschool Days each year. (Check out this link for discounts on tickets and resort stays.

There are a variety of learning experiences within the park. Here are just a few:

Fine Arts

Don't leave Dollywood without attending a show! Shows change throughout the year, and they offer a great way to groove to some music and arts during your Dollywood school day. Check out the schedule of performances as you arrive. Knowing showtimes will help you plan the full schedule of activities you won't want to miss. Need even more fine arts? Visit Dollywood's craftsmen who are blowing glass, smithing knives, and carving wood-just to name a few. Located in the Craftsman's Valley area, your students will love learning by observing in real life! There are also options to work with a craftsman and craft your own item. If you plan a trip during Dollywood's Harvest Festival, you'll get the benefit of a larger mix of visiting artisans who showcase additional crafts and demonstrations.


The Wings of America Theater hosts the "Birds of Prey" show. It is the perfect way to capture a little biology. This experience isn't just looking at pretty birds from afar, students get an up-close viewing of these magnificent birds. Shows are happening a few times a day, so check the schedule to find a show that fits into your day. Want some additional science credit? Chat with craftsmen about the scientific knowledge behind the physics of their crafts.


You may be wondering how you fit history into a day at the #1 theme park in the US? You will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of history you will find during your Dollywood experience. Read about Dolly's simple life growing up in the Smoky Mountains at the replica of her Tennessee Mountain Home in Rivertown Junction. Visit the historic Robert F. Thomas Chapel, named after the doctor who delivered Dolly. There is even the Calico Falls Schoolhouse which is a 1890's replica of a historic East Tennessee school.


You can't get out of calculating the fun you'll find during your homeschool excursion, but math can be incorporated in so many creative ways. Want a few suggestions to get you started? Smaller children can count steps between the quick walk to their next ride. Buy a Tasting Pass or refillable mug to let older children "calculate the difference" of the savings from food and drink purchases. That's real-life application!

Language Arts

The best way to end a day of fun learning is journaling about your experience. Kids can write or draw about the amazing experience and education from their day of homeschooling at Dollywood. And getting together with friends later on to discuss what they journaled, will be a sure way to reinforce their learning. So, parents, solidify that itinerary, grab your comfy walking shoes and take the time off to see your kids enjoy the perfect day of homeschool learning courtesy of Dollywood!


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