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Dollywood Proposals


August 03, 2022

Dollywood is known for being one of the best family-friendly vacation destinations in the country, but did you know that it’s also a popular venue for romance as well? The proposals that have taken place at Dollywood have been prolific. Here are a few fun ideas if you’re also looking for a special way to pop the question:

Take advantage of a photo op. Getting a photo of your wedding proposal can be tricky. Unless you’ve got a hidden camera installed somewhere, it can be challenging to come up with an excuse for having a photographer lingering in the periphery. Why not use one of the Dollywood photo ops at the front entry for your picture-perfect moment?

One park guest recently got engaged to her fiancé while taking a photo in front of the Showstreet Palace Theater. While she was smiling for the camera, her then-boyfriend dropped down on one knee and stunned her with his unexpected proposal. The Dollywood photographers were right there to capture that special memory for them on film!

Insider Tip

Group rates are available if you would like to purchase tickets for the entire family to join you at Dollywood and share in the joy of your proposal.

There’s nothing more magical than a Dollywood festival. Smoky Mountain Christmas is an especially popular opportunity for popping the question! There are beautiful spots all over the park where you can set the stage for romance. Why not use the glistening lights of Glacier Ridge (on the pathway from Craftsman’s Valley into Wilderness Pass) as a backdrop for your magical moment?

The 50-foot Christmas tree in The Plaza at Wilderness Pass would also be the perfect backdrop. Imagine getting down on one knee at the end of the Christmas tree light show, just as the artificial snow begins drifting down from the sky. I can’t imagine a more enchanting way to begin a new life together!

Wedding bells are ringing at the Robert F. Thomas Chapel. Many guests appreciate the overt symbolism of embarking on the road to matrimony in or near the quaint chapel located in the heart of Craftsman’s Valley. Christmas is a particularly popular time to pop the question, when the chapel is decked out in hundreds of twinkling string lights.

Insider Tip

Dollywood no longer hosts weddings inside the Robert F. Thomas Chapel, but Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa is right next door and would make the perfect venue for your special day!

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa can set the scene for both your engagement and your wedding. The resort has become a vacation destination in its own right, and it is chock-full of beautiful backdrops that would complement your engagement moment, with the added advantage of being open during Dollywood’s off-season.

One resort guest recently got engaged right next to the beautiful fountain that graces the entrance to the resort. The stunning photo op is even more memorable at night when it is lit up with a variety of changing colors. Another guest had a surprise proposal after taking a scenic walk through the resort grounds and pausing to rest at the fire pit at the rear of the property. The proposal happened in December, so the pavilion was decorated with lights and Christmas decor, making the atmosphere feel even more festive! Don't forget that fall is incredibly beautiful in the Smokies. It's a great time for an engagement and/or a wedding!

Insider Tip

During the Christmas season, look for bride and groom ornaments at Mountain Laurel HOME. They can be personalized with your names and/or the date that you were married or engaged.

Dollywood is already a nostalgic place for so many people. Having a significant life event like a proposal happen at Dollywood makes it even more special. Many “Dollywood couples” celebrate their anniversary by making an annual trek back to the park where it all started. What a beautiful yearly tradition and the perfect excuse to visit Dollywood!



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