Dollywood Snacks You Can Get All Year Dollywood Snacks You Can Get All Year

Dollywood Snacks You Can Get All Year


February 22, 2023

Many people come to Dollywood for the thrilling attractions, mesmerizing shows, and overall warm and welcoming feeling that Dollywood gives us. But it's time we also start coming for the snacks!

Dollywood offers many wonderful seasonal snacks and dining options specific to each festival. Today, we are going to look at fan favorites that you can get any time of the year!



Funnel Cake

Eating a funnel cake reminds me of sunshine and laughter. At Dollywood, your funnel cake is completely customizable! They offer a variety of toppings including strawberries, Oreo® crumbles, Reese's® Pieces, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped topping and (of course) classic powdered sugar.





You can buy a funnel cake at Crossroads Funnel Cakes in Rivertown Junction or Splinter's Funnel Cakes in Wilderness Pass.

Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If you're like me and crave ice cream all year long, you're in luck! Dollywood offers hand-scooped Mayfield® ice cream and milkshakes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth as well as soft-serve and Dippin' Dots.

You can find ice cream all year at Showstreet Ice Cream on Showstreet, Blue Ribbon cones in Country Fair, and Sweets and Treats in Wildwood Grove. Also, be on the lookout for Dippin' Dots stands around the park!



Pork Rinds

We've talked about some sweet snacks, but sometimes we're in the mood for something savory. Pork rinds are an incredible savory snack option! They are deep-fried to golden perfection in Craftsman's Valley. I have found pork rinds at Hickory House BBQ, Mr. Jerry's Sit & Sip Refreshment, Midway Market and Country Cookers' Kettle Korn.



Cinnamon Bread

Cinnamon bread is a famous snack at Dollywood (and beyond)! It is served with buttercream icing or apple butter. Cinnamon bread is my favorite snack in Dollywood! Personally, I always get the icing and apple butter, because they're both so delicious. It's my favorite snack at Dollywood!

You can watch Dollywood hosts make cinnamon bread right in front of you at the Grist Mill in Craftsman's Valley. It also can be purchased at Spotlight Bakery on Showstreet.



Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Pretzels

These classic treats can be found in a multitude of places throughout the year. These locations include Midway Market in Country Fair, Mr. Jerry's Sit-N-Sip Refreshments in Craftsman's Valley, Showstreet Snacks on Showstreet, Skyview Snacks in Wilderness Pass, and Sweets and Treats in Wildwood Grove.



Kettle Korn

Kettle Korn is a Dollywood favorite snack! This sweet popcorn is made fresh daily. You can even watch hosts as they make it at Country Cookers - Kettle Korn in Rivertown Junction.





Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. You can find a variety of different treats all over Dollywood including a delicious variety of seasonal offerings! I am already thinking of which snack I am going to have when Dollywood opens for the 2023 season! I hope to see you in the snack line, too.


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