Dollywood’s Newest Eatery: Iron Horse Pizza Dollywood’s Newest Eatery: Iron Horse Pizza

Dollywood’s Newest Eatery: Iron Horse Pizza


June 21, 2022

On your next visit to Dollywood, you’ll have to check out its newest eatery. It’s a good one with a setting that is top-notch! Located in The Village, across from the train depot, is the new Iron Horse Pizza! I was able to go check it out for myself, and everything about it is very well put together.

The Setting

Before we even get to food, let’s talk about the setting and what it has to offer in ambiance. Iron Horse Pizza is located right across from where the Dollywood Express locomotive rests at the station. (Hence the name Iron Horse—it’s a reference to the train!) While you enjoy your food and some down time with your friends and family, you can enjoy that beauty of a genuine coal-fired train as it steams and hisses, waiting to leave the station.

There are two seating options. The shaded terrace offers a covering of wooden beams, ceiling fans and lighting, which gives the place a softer more personal touch than a leveled concrete pad. And being new, it really has that fresh new look, feel and even smell about it, all while maintaining that Dollywood rustic charm. Your second option is the back porch adjoined to the terrace. It’s exposed to the sun, which makes it bright and cheery with a woodsy view into the Smoky Mountain foothills. It is a quiet and relaxing green space great for really warming up and soaking up the sun on a cool day.

Insider Tip

This is a really great space for a break in your day. I recommend trying to plan around stopping here when you want a breather.

Ordering Food

When it comes to ordering food, it is largely a cafeteria-style self-serve set up. Choose what you want as you move through the line, which splits in two for quick service check-out.

Although self-serve, a menu is posted. This helps you know exactly what awaits. The main offerings are flatbread pizza, including pepperoni, cheese and a meat lover’s choice called “Klondike Katie.” They also have an Apple Walnut Salad and a Chicken Caesar Salad available in a full and “cup” size. They have some smaller, less prominent offerings too, including a kid’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a pretzel with alfredo sauce.

Insider Tip

If there are two of you that want both pizza and salad, get one of each and split. The servings are big enough that you’ll probably get a satisfying portion of each with just half.

When it comes to beverages, they’ve made it all simple and efficient—a self-service soda fountain is available just outside on the terrace for quick and easy fill-up.

Insider Tip

Keep in mind, this self-service spot is a good location for you to fill up on free water. Just ask for a water cup!

The Review

I know you’re probably thinking, so how is the pizza? In all sincerity, it is good! Being flatbread, it’s not greasy as some pizza can be. It has an overall lighter nature yet still is a large portion. It’s a great balance of flavorful tomato sauce, cheese and toppings. As far as pizza goes, this is the more health-conscious option. I also tried the Apple Walnut Salad— a sweet tangy mix of apple pieces, dried cranberries, feta cheese, walnuts and quality cuts of fresh lettuce. I got the full size, and I was quite impressed by how the salad container was densely packed. Whether you’re getting a full-size salad or pizza, you can expect to pay around $11 for either (at the time I am writing this).

In Conclusion

I’ll be back to Iron Horse Pizza for sure. It’s not just that I liked the food, but truly, its top appeal for me is its setting. I am quite pleased with how Dollywood reimagined this area. It provides such a scenic, spacious and relaxing spot to fuel up and enjoy a meal.


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