How Does Dollywood’s TimeSaver Pass Work?


April 12, 2022

Are you looking to get in as many rides as possible on your next Dollywood trip? The park’s TimeSaver Pass will offer you the opportunity to maximize your time by giving you expedited access to the rides through an exclusive queue. TimeSaver Passes allow you unlimited daily show reservations at participating theaters also. This video focuses on saving time on rides.



Additional information:

  • Dollywood only sells a limited amount of TimeSaver Passes each day, so reserve your passes online to ensure your party gets to take advantage of the experience.
  • Make sure you have a TimeSaver Pass for each person in your party who wants an expedited wait on rides. You can’t share these wrist bands.
  • After you enter the TimeSaver queue, the ride host will scan your wrist band to verify it. When the green check mark appears (like when you scan your ticket or pass to enter the park through turnstiles), the host will board you.
  • Remember, with TimeSaver you don’t have to stand in line for participating shows. You can use TimeSaver to reserve seats!
  • If you have a Dollywood Gold or Diamond Season Pass, you receive a discount on TimeSaver Passes.


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