I Wouldn’t Do Dollywood’s Splash Country Without These Items I Wouldn’t Do Dollywood’s Splash Country Without These Items

I Wouldn’t Do Dollywood’s Splash Country Without These Items


May 19, 2023

Nothing says summertime like sun tans, the perfect swimsuit and the smell of sunscreen in the air. Beat the heat this summer and enjoy some family fun with a trip to Dollywood’s Splash Country – named by USA Today readers as one of the top 10 Outdoor Water Parks.

Besides the obvious sunscreen, goggles, a hat and swimwear, here are other essential items you need to add to your water park packing list. Pack these must-haves for your next visit to make sure you have all you need to enjoy a smooth and seamless summer retreat for the whole family.

What are good things to bring to a water park?

A backpack

Prepare for a full day of play at Dollywood’s Splash Country by bringing an easy to tote around backpack along with you. Better than a beach bag, a backpack will keep your hands free and belongings secure (like your beverage, keys, towels and phone charger) in the event that you aren't utilizing a locker or cabana.

Sidenote: All-day lockers are available for rent to store your personal belongings. They range anywhere from $10 to $20 and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Whether you’re utilizing a locker or not, backpacks are a great and convenient way to store your belongings in an easy-to-carry and not-easy-to-lose type of way.

Refillable water bottle

You can refill your own water bottle without waiting in line at a food location. The water refill stations can usually be found near any bathroom around the water park. You may also opt to ask for free complimentary water at any food station or purchase Dollywood’s Unlimited Refillable Mug for free fountain drink refills that day or for the entire season.

Portable Fan

Keep cool when you’re not in the water with a portable fan. My favorite is this rechargeable one you can wear across your neck.

Water shoes

When it comes to footwear, my suggestion is to nix the flip flops and opt to wear water shoes. The breathable and quick-dry fabric make them perfect for protecting your feet from the hot concrete when playing at the splash pad and other play areas or while swimming or on certain water rides at Dollywood’s Splash Country where shoes are acceptable.


As obvious as this may seem, pack towels. Towels are not provided at Dollywood’s Splash Country, but they are available for purchase if you need one.



And while you’re at it, you may also want to pack a hand towel and soap so you can take a shower and change clothes before heading out after a fun in the sun day.

Grocery bag

An empty grocery bag comes in handy to hold random loose items you gather or any wet clothes you take off by the end of the day.

Waterproof phone pouch

How do you carry your phone in a water park? With a waterproof phone pouch! Look for something floatable that can be worn around your neck. This one works great while you’re hanging out on a float along The Lazy River and want to snap a few quick pictures or you can also purchase one at Dollywood as a souvenir.

Portable charger

Speaking of phone accessories, you will want to take pictures - and lots of them! But can your battery handle it all day long? Probably not. Rather than trying to find an outlet and be pinned down to it while your phone charges, bring a portable charger! You don’t want to have to stop the fun and will be able to charge while on the go.

Baby gear


A day at Dollywood’s Splash Country could be a lot for young park goers. Strollers are great not just for babies and toddlers but also for school-aged kids who get tired of walking after a while.

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are available at the Riverside Trading Post if you forget to pack your own for your not yet potty-trained baby or toddler - or if you need extra.

What should you NOT bring to Dollywood’s Splash Country?


Coolers are not allowed at Dollywood’s Splash Country (as there are plenty of restaurants within the park for your convenience). You may bring light snacks in a Ziploc bag, especially if you have a toddler or certain dietary restrictions.

If you must pack a cooler for lunch or have to leave the park for any reason during the day, you can get your hand stamped and keep your admission ticket. That way, you can head back to the car for lunch and return to the park later that same day.


Personal tubes, noodles or floats aren’t allowed. That includes children's water wings (without an accompanying life jacket), flotation seats, inflatable rings and bubble packs.

If you need a life jacket, they are complementary and available at each water ride. Tubes are also provided for the wave pool, lazy river and tube slides on a first-come, first-served basis.


Obviously, this list isn’t mandatory, but having a lot of these items on hand can help you have the best and most convenient experience at Dollywood’s Splash Country this summer!

Were there any items you didn’t think to bring? Or any items that are a must for you that I didn’t mention? If you want to share, I’m curious to find out in the comments below. You never know who it could help!


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