“If you could only eat one meal at Dollywood…” “If you could only eat one meal at Dollywood…”

“If you could only eat one meal at Dollywood…”


June 02, 2023

For our family, a trip to Dollywood just isn’t complete without a savory Southern meal, delectable desserts and refreshing drinks. When I’m helping friends and family plan a visit to the park, they often ask me, “what should we eat?” If you’re planning a couple of days at the parks or resorts, you will have time to try it all. But what about a day trip or just coming to the park for a couple of hours? I have SO many favorite meals at restaurants, but this got me thinking - if I could only have ONE meal at the park, what would it be?

Instead of just giving my answer, I decided to ask some of my Dollywood “frequent flyer” friends to weigh in. Here’s what my friends had to say!


Katie Smith, Dollywood Insider

Katie’s answer: Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘n’ Beans. “I’m a huge fan of Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘n’ Beans Restaurant, next door to the Valley Theater as you enter Craftsman’s Valley. While I personally can make an entire meal off of the pimento cheese and pork rinds appetizer, I also believe you can’t go wrong with the signature dish: Ham Beans N’ Greens. I love checking the entertainment show schedule to try to get a table about ten minutes before a performance of ‘Forever Country’ and ask for a table on that side of the porch, so I can have dinner AND a show.”

granny ogle.jpeg

Angie Davidson, Dollywood Insider

Angie’s answer: Across The Pond Food Truck. “It’s my fave! Personally, it’s gluten free/celiac friendly and in the middle of my favorite coaster area - The Plaza at Wilderness Pass (near Wild Eagle, Fire Chaser and Wildwood Grove) where I can grab and goooooo!”

Jordan Morgan, former Dollywood Insider and Knoxville Moms blogger

Jordan’s answer: “My favorite is the turkey leg! It’s the perfect, savory, GIANT meal. My kids never eat an entire mea,l so it’s easy to get one turkey leg and feed all three of us! The best part is you don’t have to sit down to eat it; you can keep making your way around the park.”

Jessica Shafer, Dollywood Insider

Jessica’s answer: Aunt Granny’s. “My favorite meal is the pot roast and baked cream corn casserole at Aunt Granny’s. I love eating there, because the food is delicious every time. And sitting down to a nice meal lets us rest a bit. Plus, since it’s an indoor restaurant, it’s nice to enjoy the air conditioning in the summer and the heat in the winter!”

aunt granny's.jpeg

Kristin Coldwell, Dollywood Insider

Kristin’s answer: “One of our favorite ways to eat a meal at Dollywood is to use the seasonal Tasting Pass to get five different choices of food, including a drink and dessert. The best part is the menus change every season, so it’s always a new tasting experience!”

My friend and fellow Dollywood Insider Ryan recently wrote a vlog about the newest Flower & Food festival small plates, snacks and treats- all my foodies need to check it out and see what the most recent festival fare had to offer!

Ellie Mae, my 8-year-old/Dollywood super fan

Ellie’s answer: “Aunt Granny’s! Oh, Ms. Jessica said that? Okay- then Ham ‘n’ Beans! …Ms. Katie said that?? Okay. How about Front Porch??”

Ha! My oldest daughter loves ALL the restaurants at Dollywood. She savors the beans and greens at Granny Ogle’s and can’t get enough of all the fried chicken and sides at Aunt Granny’s. (She’s not a picky eater, but if you’ve got one, how does unlimited mac and cheese sound?) Her and her three-year-old sister really can find something everywhere we stop! She does love to stop at Front Porch as another option to sit and dine. You can get seasonal savory meals, classic burgers and fries, or a hearty salad if you’re feeling like a lighter meal.

front porch.jpeg

Other things to consider:

Insider Tip

Don’t forget to download the Dollywood app! You can filter restaurants by proximity, alphabetical order, dining style (quick service, concession, family style, etc.) or by dietary preferences and allergies. Guests can also preview menus and easily get walking directions to their desired location.

No matter where you choose to dine, there’s no wrong way to eat at Dollywood. Just make sure to grab some cinnamon bread before you go!


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