My Favorite Dollywood Shop My Favorite Dollywood Shop

My Favorite Dollywood Shop

August 31, 2022

Beyond all the rides, shows and delicious food at Dollywood, there are plenty of to-dos to fill your day. If you are looking for something interactive, indoors and fun, then Dollywood’s Old Flames Candles should be one of your first stops!

As you enter the store, your senses will go into overload with all the wonderful smells. You’ll catch hints of vanilla, cinnamon and fruit. You’ll see the experienced craftsmen at work—pouring wax into molds, creating a cut and curl design, or they may be making another Old Flames specialty item like the ice cream sundae. (It looks edible but please don’t eat it!)

During my most recent visit, I decided I wanted to make a few keepsakes for myself and get an early start on holiday shopping. It’s never too soon to start Christmas shopping! At Old Flames Candles, you have your choice of molds that start around $7 to dip yourself. (Prices accurate as of August 2022.) I chose a peace sign and a set of butterflies.

You have a dozen different color options, and that allows you to choose a solid color or multiple colors. And as you can see, I went with multiple colors to make them fun! The process is easy: you dip your candle into your color of choice and hold it for about 10 seconds and slowly lift from the color. This can be fun for smaller children with guidance and help.

Once you are finished coloring, you have the option to glaze your candles. Here are my takeaways from the glazing process: they look amazing and give the candles more of a pop. It also may take up to a couple of hours. Keep this in mind if this is something you know you’d like to do. If you don’t get to Old Flames Candles until later in the day but really want a glaze, you can go to your local craft store and purchase a candle glaze. Extend your Dollywood experience with this option!

If you aren’t in the mood to make your own candle, they have a large selection of candles ready for purchase. My favorite is the Mountain Moonshine Cherry Gel Candle. Not only does it look an actual jar of moonshine with cherries, but it gives off a light scent and has about 100 hours of burn time. These also are a great birthday or holiday gift.

Keep in mind that the scents do change with the seasons, but you can always ask if there is something that you’ve gotten before and don’t see it in the shop.

Lastly, if candles aren’t your thing, there are other items sold here that make great gifts. They have homemade bath bombs, lip balms, lotions and scrubs. There is an oatmeal and honey goatmilk lotion that smells divine! I always enjoy stopping to see what is new in Old Flame Candles I’m sure you will, too!



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