Free Dollywood Souvenirs! Free Dollywood Souvenirs!

Free Dollywood Souvenirs!


June 06, 2022

Free souvenirs?! They can’t be real, you say. Oh, yes, they are! It’s going to take a bit of creativity, but they exist. Let me show you what I mean with some of my Dollywood freebies.

The Dollywood Bag

First off, notice how nice the paper shopping bags are at Dollywood. They have so much craft potential given that they are emblazoned with the Dollywood logo and butterfly print.

You can use these for many things. I had a rustic frame I got at a thrift store. I cut up the Dollywood bag, slid it in the frame—and check it out! I’ve also used the smaller bag between a transparent adhesive to make bookmarks.


Park Maps

I like to save my park maps. At Dollywood, they're called This Week at Dollywood, and they include the park map, show schedule and featured food and merch. They have great photos of the different festivals, decorations and a reminder of the shows I attended and the food I ate during my visit.

They are fun to look back on and see what has changed and remember those fine memories. If you are feeling crafty, you can get a scrapbook with sleeves to put them in.

Festival Cups

You need to stay hydrated, and if you order a drink during a Dollywood festival, you may get a cool collectable cup like one of these!


The free info brochure you find for Dolly Parton’s Stampede by the Concierge desk at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa can be unfolded and cut into a colorful poster! Look for similar opportunities with other brochures.


Yes, obviously you have to pay to stay at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, but you get postcards in your room as a bonus. Some even feature Dolly Parton. Others feature the resort. You can’t purchase these anywhere. They only come with your stay. Sometimes I display them on my refrigerator.

Passholder Gifts

If you are a Dollywood Season Passholder, you're likely to receive a gift on Passholder Preview Day if you arrive early. I’ve heard the park hands out free lanyards, magnets and other small souvenirs to the first people through the gates on that special day. Although I’ve never made it for Passholder Preview Day, others have shared their photos with me.

Your Photos and Memories

I know it sounds cheesy, but even if you don’t purchase souvenirs, or don’t find any of the free ones I recommended, the greatest souvenirs you can take away from Dollywood are the great memories with your family and friends. Your own photos can capture the joy of some of those special moments. Share your photos digitally or print them out. These souvenirs are uniquely yours, and Dollywood assists by offering many great locations designed for taking photos together.


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