Getting Your Face Painted at Dollywood Getting Your Face Painted at Dollywood

Getting Your Face Painted at Dollywood


April 01, 2022

Every time our family comes to Dollywood, we all have our agenda of things we want to do. For my daughter Juliette, it’s getting her face painted. At the age of 3, she associates Dollywood with face paint! It is a special day, so of course, I oblige. On our last visit, we went to the Kaman’s Art Face Painting kiosk in Rivertown Junction, near the Back Porch Theater. There’s also a second location in Wildwood Grove. The artists offer three design services: Standard - Forehead Only Deluxe - One Side Premium - Full Face

Our face paint artist, Amy, welcomed Juliette and asked her if she knew what she wanted on her face. Juliette knew immediately: she asked for butterflies. Amy let Juliette select the colors, and then the magic began. Amy explained how she typically uses four brushes, and the customers can choose from 16 different water-based paint colors. Her most popular request is a rainbow tiger or a unicorn mask. The rainbow tiger usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The simpler designs only take about five minutes. In a single day, she can paint anywhere from 50 to 100 faces! (And, yes, people of all ages!)


Insider Tip

In my experience, after lunch is the best time for face painting for a shorter wait time.


In the fall, they have glow-in-the-dark face paint, perfect for Great Pumpkin LumiNights! For the final touches to Juliette’s butterflies, Amy added a touch of glitter for a bit of extra pizazz! Dollywood has a way of making our visits special, and face painting is a hit every time.



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