A Guide to Dollywood’s Playgrounds A Guide to Dollywood’s Playgrounds

A Guide to Dollywood’s Playgrounds


May 13, 2022

Dollywood is home to some amazing rides, but have you checked out the playgrounds throughout the park? With six official play spaces to explore, the playgrounds at Dollywood are sure to be a favorite part of your child’s day. From fire trucks and sprayers to a giant indoor play structure, make sure to include play time in your visit to Dollywood. Hidden Hollow (Wildwood Grove) With slides, nets, climbing structures and more, Hidden Hollow is a highlight for every child! This indoor playground is located near the Wildwood Tree in Wildwood Grove and offers entertainment for all ages. Hidden Hollow features multiple levels of play as well as interactive elements for children to explore, and toddlers can stay safe in their own dedicated play space. Located in a large, climate-controlled building, Hidden Hollow is the perfect place to cool off in the summer, warm up on a cold day and stay dry when it rains. Plus, there are comfortable seating options for adults to enjoy!

Wildwood Creek (Wildwood Grove) Wildwood Creek sits below the beautiful Wildwood Tree, and it is a favorite stop for our family. Your child can remove their shoes and dip their toes in the creek, or even try jumping across! With bridges and fountains, this is a perfect place to play on a warm day.

Next to the creek, you can find whimsical musical instruments to explore. Let your little one tap out a beat on the drums or play a tune on the xylophone in this sweet play spot.

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On warm days, packing an extra set of clothes can be a lifesaver for kids who want to play in the water but do not want to be wet all day. If you forget dry clothes, check out Mountain Grove Merchants across from Wildwood Creek, which often sells towels and shoes.

Lumberjack Jam Band (Timber Canyon) As you make your way up Timber Canyon, stop and bang out some music with the Lumberjack Jam Band! This small play area features pots and pans for drumming, including one giant cast iron skillet.

Firehouse Fun Yard (Wilderness Pass) Get ready for firefighter fun! At Firehouse Fun Yard, your little one can climb on a firetruck, slide down the truck’s back, and even shoot water at fellow firefighters. This soft play area is designed especially for the smallest visitors, but be aware that your child may get wet here. While the fire truck is located in the splash zone, your little one can choose to avoid the water by playing with the large blocks and chalkboard wall. Located just below FireChaser Express, this is a great place to bring your little Dollywood lovers while older kids enjoy the roller coasters nearby.

The Plaza at Wilderness Pass (Wilderness Pass) The Plaza at Wilderness Pass is not technically a playground, but our kids always enjoy spending time here. With wide open space to stretch your legs, this area is great for some time out of the stroller. Adults can enjoy the rocking chairs while kids play on the artificial grass, enjoying the large fountain and seasonal decorations.

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he pavilion at The Plaza at Wilderness Pass has phone charging stations available in the wall. Bring your charger and plug in your phone while your kids play.

Granny’s Garden (Owens Farm) Granny’s Garden is located near Barnstormer and across the walkway from Lil’ Pilots Playground. This space is perfect for young visitors, as it offers small slides, tunnels, and play structures appropriate for even toddling guests.

Lil’ Pilots Playground (Owens Farm) Lil’ Pilots Playground is located near Barnstormer and across the walkway from Granny’s Garden. Shaped like a plane, this space includes a slide and interactive elements for kids to explore. Let your child take the wheel and watch their imagination fly!

While you can certainly fill your Dollywood day with rides and shows, adding in playground time will only increase your fun! Playgrounds give children a chance to enjoy the park without standing in line, and they are a great way to make the most of your visit to Dollywood.


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