Your Guide to Lockers at Dollywood Your Guide to Lockers at Dollywood

Your Guide to Lockers at Dollywood


December 19, 2022

I have visited Dollywood every year for my entire life. I would like to think I know a lot about the park. But when I visited my favorite theme park this past summer with a friend, I learned something from her that I had no clue about-how to use lockers at Dollywood! To be honest, I've never needed to use a locker. I guess since I have been coming to the park for so long, I know what I can and can't bring to carry around with me all day. But, if you're visiting for the first time or you don't live as close as I do, lockers can really be a huge lifesaver during your visit. During this particular visit, my friend declared she needed a locker before we got in line for Smoky Mountain River Rampage. She had items that she didn't want to get wet because [spoiler alert] you DO get wet on Smoky Mountain River Rampage! So, she walked around the wall of lockers located right outside the entrance to rent one to store her belongings.



That's when I admitted to her that, yes, as a Dollywood Insider, I had no idea how the lockers at Dollywood work. So, she showed me. And friends, these lockers and the way they work can totally transform your day at Dollywood! Let me explain: There are lockers located throughout the park. The first set of lockers that you are likely to encounter are at the front of the park to the left of the Showstreet Palace Theater (going up the hill toward Timber Canyon). These are large lockers that work differently than all the rest. If you rent a locker here, your belongings will be stored in this spot for your entire park day.



This locker isn't "floating"-more on THAT below!

Insider Tip

The lockers located at Showstreet Palace Theater are best used for items that you need to bring into the park, but don’t want to carry around with you all day. For example, I like to call them, just in case items: large backpacks, coats, ponchos, etc.

Let's get back to those lockers near Smoky Mountain River Rampage. They are floating lockers, and there are lots more just like them located throughout the park. You'll find them near every large roller coaster, water rides and in a few more locations. I've listed them all at the end of this post. They are also indicated on park maps, so be sure to grab one when you enter the park.


The genius of Dollywood's floating locker system is that your locker rental can be transferred from one set of lockers to another set of lockers. My friend placed her belongings in the locker at Smoky Mountain River Rampage. When she got off the ride, she was soaking wet, but her phone and purse were dry as could be in her locker! Once finished, she collected her belongings and we walked along to the next attraction. When we arrived at the lockers to the right of the Lightning Rod entrance, she chose the "Move My Locker to this Location" option on the main locker rental screen and was then able to store her phone and purse safely inside while she rode the lightning fast coaster-for no extra fee!



As someone who works hard to stay on budget while at Dollywood, the transferable lockers are amazing. You pay one rental fee and essentially have a locker available to you all over the park. There's no worry about having to go back across the park to retrieve your items when you are done riding because they are waiting right outside the ride entrance/exit each time!


Insider Tip

There are rides and roller coasters where loose articles are not permitted on the ride. My fellow Dollywood Insider, Aaron, wrote a great article all about how to handle loose articles like a pro, and his #1 tip is to rent a Dollywood locker!



Your Dollywood days are supposed to be fun and full of memories. Believe me, if you end the day with a cracked phone screen, lost sunglasses or a wet purse - that wonderful mood can be dampened for sure. But learning how to use lockers at Dollywood can help you avoid all of those! Floating locker locations throughout the park: Dragonflier, Mystery Mine, Wild Eagle, FireChaser Express, Tennessee, Tornado, Daredevil Falls, Barnstormer, Country Fair, Smoky Mountain River Rampage and Lightning Rod



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