Hands-On Activities for Children at Dollywood Hands-On Activities for Children at Dollywood

Hands-On Activities for Children at Dollywood


April 26, 2022

Though Dollywood has many amazing rides for kids of all ages, that’s not all that you should anticipate will have your children entertained. There are many hands-on activities for your kids as well! My children took the challenge to see how many different things they could find to do at Dollywood that were not rides, and they were very impressed with how much fun they had!

Country Fair

On our trips to Dollywood, we always spend a lot of time in the Country Fair area of the park. While there, we love to play the midway games available! There are great for all ages and ability levels. The hosts are always incredibly patient and encouraging to my kiddos when we are playing. You will find a variety of prizes available in popular characters such as Mario, Pokémon and many more! To participate in the games, you purchase vouchers at a booth next to the entrance of Country Fair that is just down the hill from The Village. You then can redeem your vouchers at any of the midway games you want to play. We love the games where you can compete against other park-goers, and win or lose, we always have a good time!

Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove is a treasure trove of fun activities for my boys! On a beautiful weather day, we could spend a great deal of time in Wildwood Creek. They begged to be able to walk through the fountains that simulated a creek in the middle of Wildwood Grove. On a warm day, this would be a wonderful way to cool off your little ones. They also had a blast moving around and trying out all the instruments next to the creek! They happily played together and marveled at all the different sounds they could make on such simple instruments using their hands.

Just around the corner from Wildwood Creek, we darted into Hidden Hollow. It would be really easy to overlook this incredible indoor playground, but it is a must-do for children! My 16-month-old was even able to join in the fun with a little bit of assistance from me and his brothers. He found things on his eye level that enthralled him. The big boys could have played for hours on the huge jungle gym. And, there is plenty of seating for adults to be able to see their children and take in the fun they have while playing!

Insider Tip

Be sure to check out this blog with more information about all the fun in Hidden Hollow! Also, there is a face painting station in Wildwood Grove, and you can learn more about it in this blog.

Wilderness Pass

As we made our way to Wilderness Pass, we found more great hands-on activities to be sure to do! The first was at Handsville Wax Company, where you can have a wax likeness of your own hand made. Several hands were on display to show you what is possible!

Just below the FireChaser Express coaster was the Firehouse Fun Yard! It was very fun indeed, with huge building blocks available for my little builders. It also has a mini splash pad and sprinklers with a slide for getting wet and cooling off. On a hot day, this would be a very welcoming attraction for my boys.

Timber Canyon

When you are walking up to Timber Canyon from Showstreet, don’t let your kids miss the opportunity to be loud and make noise at the Lumberjack Jam Band station! This is another great spot to pause and let the kids get some wiggles out.

Craftsman’s Valley

In Craftsman’s Valley, just below Tennessee Tornado, you will find a great arcade with all kinds of games for kids. Just outside the arcade is a basketball court where your future NBA star can shoot for prizes! Continuing through the valley, there also are several more opportunities for kids. We stopped at the Wings of America Theater for my boys to see some of the birds up close.

Not far away is the Lucky 7 Mine where you can pan for gems. Kids receive their dirt to sift through water, get their hands a little dirty and wet in the panning process and are able to find beautiful stones to take home. It is so much fun! Also in Craftsman’s Valley, be sure to stop at Old Flames Candles for the opportunity to dip your own candle. It makes a wonderful keepsake from your trip to Dollywood. Other keepsake ideas include a caricature or a silhouette cutout—and there are a few of these stations in different areas of the park!

For my family, we all have different things we love to do at Dollywood, and taking advantage of the many activities Dollywood offers helps ensure that everyone has a great time on our visit. With so many activities available, there is always something new to try and a favorite to go back to and do again. It gives my children an outlet to dream more, use their imaginations and be playful!


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