House Divided: Dollywood’s Cinnamon Bread vs Funnel Cakes House Divided: Dollywood’s Cinnamon Bread vs Funnel Cakes

House Divided: Dollywood’s Cinnamon Bread vs Funnel Cakes


March 31, 2022

My drive to Dollywood is about an hour one way. In that time, my daughter Di’Avion and I determine our plan for the day. Inevitably, that plan, of course, includes yummy goodies at Dollywood! This is by far my favorite park topic. I love thinking about what toppings I will have on my funnel cake and when I should get it. But my daughter’s go-to treat is Dollywood’s hot and fresh loaf of cinnamon bread. Hence, our house is divided. I’ve learned to appreciate our differences, though, because we buy both! Are you team cinnamon bread or team funnel cake? I sat down and compiled my favorite tips about both treats—and I’m even including some insight from Dollywood’s chefs!

Cinnamon Bread

Sweet smells of cinnamon and sugar are sprinkled throughout the park. Depending on our plan, this may be our first “food” stop or sometimes my daughter decides she would rather get the loaf to take home and share with friends. Here are a few tips and tricks that we have learned along the way that may help you navigate.

  • You can get warm cinnamon bread from the Grist Mill, Spotlight Bakery and at the DM Pantry inside Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa (limited supply). Did you catch that? You can enjoy Dollywood’s cinnamon bread year-round when you get it from the resort!
  • Don’t let the line deter you: in most cases, families stand in line together for one purchase.
  • To help your transaction go quickly, have your payment ready and if you are a Dollywood Season Passholder, don’t forget you get a discount. (Have your Season Pass ready, too!)
  • If transporting home or back to your hotel/cabin, we always carry our Dollywood tote bag for easy carry. Being ready with a shoulder bag makes life so much easier after a fun-filled day of rides, shows, shopping and of course, eating.

This Dollywood treat is an icon. It’s no secret. Dollywood sells more than 220,000 loaves a year! The buttery goodness of cinnamon bread is amazing as a standalone, but you even get a small cup of icing with your cinnamon bread purchase! Dip it, and you may be reminded of a cinnamon roll. There’s another option that makes this treat a bit more savory: I recommend you try the apple butter for dipping, too. It’s an additional cost, but so worth it. The sweet and tangy apple butter compliments the cinnamon bread, and if you are enjoying this treat at home, we pair it with a cold glass of milk! Dollywood chefs recommend you get three loaves: one to eat with icing, one to eat with apple butter and one to freeze for brunch!

Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes remind me of my childhood. This treat is definitely synonymous with a theme park visit. At Dollywood, you have many creative ways to build your own. My two favorite reasons to have a funnel cake include the variety of toppings and sharing this dessert with a friend!

Some days, I go with the standard powdered sugar. But on the days I live on the wild side, there is nothing like having Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate drizzled on top of the sugar. When enjoying with my friend Chelsey, she chooses to add strawberries, drizzled with chocolate, so yummy! Here are a few tips for the funnel cakes that we’ve learned along the way as well.

  • Funnel cakes can be found in the Wilderness Pass area at Splinter’s Funnel Cakes and Crossroads Funnel Cakes, which is in Rivertown Junction.
  • Decide before it’s your turn to order what you’re going to get. And, as always, have your payment ready (and Dollywood Season Pass if you have one).
  • Grab enough napkins for your party before you sit to enjoy. I would even encourage you to scout a place to sit before your hands are full and you’re starting to drool!

Dollywood sells about 60,000 funnel cakes each year. Days at Dollywood with my daughter are always filled with fun and laughter. We love to create new memories—often including sweet treats. So, no matter if you chose cinnamon bread or funnel cakes (or if you choose both!), savor the flavors and the moments.


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