How to Have a Carefree Dollywood Day How to Have a Carefree Dollywood Day

How to Have a Carefree Dollywood Day


March 06, 2023

I think many people assume that a trip to a theme park in 2023 means a lot of stress and a lot of planning. While that may be the case at some parks - where it's advantageous to get your planning ducks in a row month in advance - I'm happy to report that is not the case when visiting Dollywood.

At Dollywood, you can arrive and purchase a ticket and have a fantastic, carefree day at the park with minimal planning. More importantly, doing so won't put you at a disadvantage relative to other guests. My family has taken many last-minute trips to Dollywood and have never felt minimized planning resulted in missing out or not realizing the full value of our ticket.

That said, I've learned a thing or two over the years that help make these minimally-planned Dollywood trips all the more carefree and enjoyable. Let me share these with you in this video.



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