Itinerary for Visiting Dollywood with a Toddler Itinerary for Visiting Dollywood with a Toddler

Itinerary for Visiting Dollywood with a Toddler


February 20, 2023

Are you headed to Dollywood and looking for the perfect schedule for how to spend the day with a toddler? As you plan your Dollywood visits this year, you'll want to copy this itinerary specifically curated for a day out with a toddler to help you make it the best day ever.

Know Before You Go

Before you arrive, there are a few essentials you'll want to make sure you have in tow: a backpack, portable charger, water bottle, sunglasses and stroller. Instead of bringing an oversized purse or tote-style diaper bag, opt to wear a light backpack that can hold all of your necessities and keep your hands free. Being hands-free is especially important when it comes to easily catching the tram from the parking lot or riding the trolley if you're coming from Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa with a toddler.

Dollywood is a big park with plenty of hills, so you'll be glad you brought a stroller. If it's logistically easier to travel without your stroller, then you can rent one for the day at the Stroller/ECV/Wheelchair Rentals location near the park entrance.





You'll be on your phone a lot, so you'll want to bring a portable charger, too. You can purchase a charger if you forget yours. You can download the Dollywood app on your phone and use its GPS to easily get from one ride to the next. Plus, there will be plenty of photo opportunities, which can kill your battery before the day is done!

My Sample Itinerary


10 a.m.
Centralized Measuring Center
When you make it inside the park, the first thing you'll want to do is get your toddler measured. Look for Centralized Measuring across from the Dollywood Emporium.   Your child will receive a color-specific wristband that will help you quickly identify which rides are okay and which ones you'll have to skip when navigating around the park.
10:30 a.m.
Jukebox Junction
Rockin' Roadway
Red's Drive-in
One of the first stops you'll want to make is at Rockin' Roadway in Jukebox Junction. It's a fun car ride for people of all ages. There is no minimum height requirement. However, those shorter than 42 inches will need to be accompanied by an adult. Let your toddler practice driving for the first time. But don't worry, there is no gas pedal, and the cars follow a track! They'll have a blast.   Then grab a classic burger and fries or a salad at Red's Drive-In, which is located right across from Rockin' Roadway. Eating early is the way to go in a theme park!   To get to Jukebox Junction from the Centralized Measuring Center, you'll keep straight past the main turnstiles, go down Showstreet, then make a right when you get to the Gazebo Gifts shop towards Jukebox Junction. Then, turn left by Red's Drive-In.
Rivertown Junction
Smoky Mountain River Rampage
If your toddler is at least 36 inches, then they're able to ride the Smoky Mountain River Rampage in Rivertown Junction. It's a large tube ride the whole family will enjoy. Park your strollers up front at the entrance and prepare to get wet!   To get there from Red's Drive-in, veer left to cross the bridge. It'll be on the right.
12:30 p.m.
Country Fair
Busy Bees
Lucky Ducky
Piggy Parade
Lemon Twist
The Amazing Flying Elephants
The Scrambler
Shooting Star
Prepare to spend a couple of hours in the Country Fair area, where you'll find several rides available for those 36 inches and shorter (and plenty with no minimum height requirement at all). Rides like Busy Bees, Lucky Ducky and Piggy Parade are even options for your toddlers to ride on their own.   There are shaded spaces if your toddler will nap in his/her stroller.   To get to Country Fair from Rivertown Junction, make a right. Since there's plenty to do, expect to spend more time in this area.
2 p.m.
The Village
Dollywood Express Train Depot
Heartsong Theater
Village Carousel
Iron Horse Pizza
Right next to Country Fair is The Village, where you'll find the popular Dollywood Express train. The train departs every hour on the hour and is a 20-minute mountain excursion on an authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you arrive in the area before it's time to board, you can spend time on the carousel, catching a show in Heartsong Theater or shopping in Temple's Mercantile. This is where you'll also find some of the best toys if you're looking to bring home a souvenir (like build a stuffed animal for less than $30).   The train is a great place for a little one to catch a power nap.   Iron Horse Pizza is another great place to stop for a bite if your crew is hungry!
4 p.m.
Owen's Farm
Lil' Pilots Playground
Grist Mill
Next, you'll want to head toward Wildwood Grove. On your way there, you're going to pass by Owen's Farm, where you can make a stop to play at Lil' Pilots Playground or try the world-famous cinnamon bread at Dollywood's Grist Mill.   And if you don't stop to play there, you'll also pass by the Firehouse Fun Yard playground in Wilderness Pass on your way to Wildwood Grove.
5 p.m.
Wildwood Grove
Treetop Tower
Frogs & Fireflies
Hidden Hollow
The Wildwood Tree
Black Bear Trail
Great Tree Swing
The Mad Mockingbird
Sweets and Treats
Till & Harvest
Food Hall
Wrap up your time at the park in Wildwood Grove. Take a break to recharge your phone and rest while your toddler plays in Hidden Hollow, an indoor playground kids of any age can enjoy. Enjoy Treetop Tower and Frogs & Fireflies - rides with no minimum height requirement. If your little one is in the 36-inch club, join them on Black Bear Trail, Great Tree Swing and The Mad Mockingbird. Have dinner at Till & Harvest, and then at closing gather around The Wildwood Tree for an enchanted story time (and fireworks in the summer - weather permitting).
DP's Celebrity Theater
Heartsong Theater
Wings of America Theater
You can't leave without catching one of the amazing shows at Dollywood. Some favorites with a toddler are the Gazillion Bubble Show and Imagination Library stories (during Summer Celebration) and the Birds of Prey Show that runs through most of the year.   You'll want to check the website, the Dollywood app or grab a schedule when you arrive to check for showtimes and see when you can fit it into your day.


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