Look Who I Bumped Into at Dollywood Look Who I Bumped Into at Dollywood

Look Who I Bumped Into at Dollywood


December 09, 2022

At Dollywood, Miss Lillian is a character who is also known as "The Chicken Lady." With her impressive improv skills, she's a poet and a performer-you should make it a point to look for Miss Lillian during your visit. She plays her one-of-a-kind banjo-lele and sings songs "on the fly" about guests. (Miss Lillian loves good chicken puns!) Watch the video below from one of my encounters with her earlier this year. 


Miss Lillian's mission is to brighten your day. She wants to pepper your Dollywood visit with joy and inspiration. She typically hangs out in Craftsman's Valley near Miss Lillian's Smokehouse where she can wave to the Dollywood Express as it goes by. She's listed as a roaming performer, so my advice is to grab some cinnamon bread from the grist mill just across from Miss Lillian's Smokehouse, and be on the lookout. Be forewarned: if you stop and say hello, she may put your name into her next song!


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