Make it a Sweeter Summer Night! Make it a Sweeter Summer Night!

Make it a Sweeter Summer Night!


July 06, 2023

As if Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration wasn’t spectacular enough, you can now experience it in a whole new light. Literally. For a sweeter evening at Dollywood this summer, make plans to be a part of the Sweet Summer Nights All Access Tour (now- August 6). I can guarantee that you will love this experience which allows you front-of-the-line access to a couple of rides, premium viewing locations for the dance party and fireworks/drone show, and sweet gifts and snacks along the way.


Did I mention the drone show? This show just gets more and more incredible each year. With an amazing 70% update this summer alone, the show features 500 drones, synchronized to music, dancing in the sky, forming beautiful pictures and stories. And fireworks…exploding color crackling high above your heads offers a stunning introduction and finale to the drones. 

Insider Tip

Nighttime at Dollywood may be my favorite time, so plan to stay late.

And while you do not have to be a part of the tour to see the drone show, you do have to have the All-Access Pass to go “behind the scenes” to see an actual drone up close and learn more about how Dollywood got this show off the ground in the first place.


The Sweet Summer Nights All Access Tour is an upgrade to your daily ticket. For a minimal cost, guests can purchase this upgrade online or at the Time Saver building upon entrance to the park. Because the tour is limited in how many can attend per evening, plan on getting yours sooner than later.

Insider Tip

Gold and Diamond Passholders get a Tour discount! It’s not too late to upgrade.

Without spoiling the tour, here are a few of my favorite highlights from my all-access evening.

  • Interactive Tour Guide: Each group has a personal DW host tour guide. As our host led us through the park, he imparted a ton of Dollywood history and a lot of laughs, making the experience comfortable and fun.
  • Front-of-the-line access to two of the more popular family rides was well worth it, and while I do not want to spoil the surprise by telling you which ones, I will say the roar from the mountain may or may not have led us right to a big bear!
  • When they say “sweet,” they mean it! You WILL be treated!
  •   If you like to dance, or just like to watch people getting their dance on…you will love the special area reserved for all-access tour guests at the dance party.
  • The best thing for me was having a spot where I could watch the fireworks & drone show in a less crowded space. I could hold my phone up high for a clear shot to record the music and memories for years to come.


What are you waiting for? Book your tour now!


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