What Makes Dragonflier So Much Fun? What Makes Dragonflier So Much Fun?

What Makes Dragonflier So Much Fun?


November 21, 2022

People often ask me to name my favorite Dollywood ride. The truth is, there are many amazing, fun rides to pick from, but I really love Dragonflier! What makes it so much fun? Let me tell you about it!

It Lives Up to Its Name! If you have ever daydreamed about what it would be like to dart around curves and fly with great speed, Dragonflier is as close as you can get to flying like a dragonfly. When I ride it, it really does feel like you are following the path of a dragonfly zipping through the air. The whimsical ride puts you right on the dragonfly's wings as you are whisked along the track. Check out this video from the rider's point of view. Dollywood shared this with me from when the ride first opened.


It is Fast! Part of the fun of Dragonflier is the speed that you pick up over the course of your flight. Speeds reach almost 50 miles per hour, which will put the wind in your hair! With that type of speed, the ride time is quick-you cover a lot of ground in just about 60 seconds of flight.

It's Family Friendly! This is big for our family! With a minimum height requirement of just 39 inches, even some of the younger members of your family can ride it. With one larger drop (that even takes you through a tunnel!), and no inversions (going upside down), it can serve as a great option for introducing coasters to younger kids who want to try something faster than typical kids' rides, but maybe are not ready for the larger Dollywood coasters. Being a suspended coaster, it gives the rider an overall smooth ride which may be more appealing to a variety of family members. In addition, it has a TimeSaver line, which is helpful for getting on the ride more quickly when riding with children.

It Embodies the Spirit of Wildwood Grove! The entire Wildwood Grove area is designed and themed to give guests a glimpse of the nature and experiences in the Smoky Mountains that inspired much of Dolly Parton's childhood. Dragonflier embodies the adventurous spirit and the wonder of nature all in one fantastic ride. Every time I ride Dragonflier, I have the same child-like excitement and anticipation that I did the very first time I giggle with joy throughout the ride, because it is so much fun! If you haven't experienced Dragonflier, definitely put it on your list for your next visit. It delivers a fast, fun and joyful ride every time it leaves the station!


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