How to Manage Loose Articles like a Pro How to Manage Loose Articles like a Pro

How to Manage Loose Articles like a Pro


October 10, 2022

You’ve likely seen signage at every Dollywood roller coaster entrance indicating loose articles are not permitted on the ride. If you’ve ever lost a hat, lanyard or cell phone on a roller coaster, you understand why – speed and loose articles are not an ideal combination.

The good news is Dollywood makes it easy for you to avoid this situation when taking on the park’s amazing roller coaster line-up. Check out my video below to become a pro at managing loose articles on your Dollywood day.

Insider Tip

Like hats, glasses and cell phones, attraction lockers are a great option for storing your Dollywood refillable mug between rides.

Learn more about the other options you have for storing your stuff at Dollywood. Speaking of “stuff,” take a look at my top ten favorite items to bring along to Dollywood. Finally, check out the Dollywood Blog for more in-depth information regarding the park’s lost and found service.



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