Photo Kiosks: Memory Making Just Got Easier! Photo Kiosks: Memory Making Just Got Easier!

Photo Kiosks: Memory Making Just Got Easier!


August 01, 2023

As a frequent visitor, I can confirm that making memories is what a day at Dollywood is all about. Every time I step through the turnstiles, my family can expect laughter, excitement and unforgettable moments. And now, with the introduction of photo kiosks, capturing our cherished family memories has become even more effortless and enjoyable.

Having recently experienced another day of memory-making at the park, I want to walk you through how we utilized Dollywood’s new photo kiosks to enhance our experience. Doing so hopefully will give you a better idea of how you can do the same on your next visit!

Pass Acquired

One of the first things we did upon arriving was secure our Multi-Day Memory Pass at the photo kiosks conveniently located outside the entrance to the Dollywood Emporium. Upon purchase, we received a Memory Pass to use for the remainder of our day.

A Memory Pass is a hassle-free, memory-capturing experience add-on. It comes in both single-day and season-long options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your visit needs. While buying a Memory Pass to use a photo kiosk is not necessary, I find it very convenient.

You can learn more about the Memory Pass by reading an article by fellow Dollywood Insider  Lindsay Bell - Dollywood’s Memory Pass Explained.

Thrills Captured


As the day unfolded, we made our way to favorite attractions like Thunderhead, Wild Eagle, Tennessee Tornado and Lightning Rod. These thrilling rides not only are family favorites but also offer an opportunity to capture our ride experiences.

Finding a photo kiosk stationed at the exit of these attractions, we easily reviewed pictures taken during the ride and selected the ones we loved most. Once selected, we chose to add these photos to our Memory Pass. If we hadn’t purchased a Memory Pass already we could either purchase it here or receive a ticket to print these photos at Flashbulb Photo later.

Moments Made


While we love attractions, there is so much more to enjoy at Dollywood - shows, dining, shopping - and even just enjoying the scenery. At particularly scenic spots throughout the park, we found friendly and talented photographers ready to capture our family enjoying special moments. Whenever a photographer took our photo, we received a ticket to either add it to our Memory Pass at Emporium-located photo kiosks or print it at Flashbulb Photo.

Memories Uploaded


After a day of fun, we returned to the photo kiosks located outside the entrance to the Dollywood Emporium. With little wait, we quickly scanned the tickets we received from photographers throughout the day and uploaded our favorite photos to our Memory Pass. That meant both our favorite on-ride photos and family photos were all available to be downloaded and shared at our convenience.

Because we purchased a Multi-Day Memory Pass, we also made a one-time stop by Flashbulb Photo next door to the Emporium to exchange our pass for a laminated card.

Memories Made Easier

Dollywood’s new photo kiosks have taken everything I love about capturing memories at my favorite park and made it easier. From purchasing a Memory Pass to capturing both on-ride and in-park moments, every step has been designed with convenience in mind. Our family can't wait to return and enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of adding new memories to our Memory Pass over the course of the entire season.


Insider Tip

Did you know that your Multi-Day Memory Pass is good for Dollywood’s Splash Country as well? You can even take advantage of the new photo kiosks to capture your on-ride moment at the park’s headline water coaster - River Rush.

So whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned Dollywood enthusiast like me, make sure to take full advantage of this enhancement to create cherished memories (like this one!) that will last a lifetime.

Happy (easier) memory-making!


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