Planning Your Day with Riders AND Non-Riders Planning Your Day with Riders AND Non-Riders

Planning Your Day with Riders AND Non-Riders


March 27, 2023

Have you thought about visiting Dollywood but hesitate to go because you know some people in the group want to ride rides and others do not? My family and I often travel with grandparents and friends, some of whom like a variety of rides and others who like no rides at all.  I want to share a few tips on how to have a great trip together without having to split up your group.  As with any trip, it is important for everyone in the group to stay flexible, be patient and communicate with each other about needs and preferences. 

Here are my top tips:


Tip 1- Purchase TimeSaver Passes

TimeSaver Passes are one of the best ways for riders to get through the line quickly.  When riders are able to do the ride faster, the non-riders usually don’t mind waiting for them to finish. There are spots where non-riders can watch the ride and see the enjoyment of other family members or shop in a giftshop located near the exit of most rides. 

TimeSaver passes can be purchased online before you arrive or as you enter the park. Look to the left of Showstreet Palace Theater. 


Tip 2- Keep Up with Ride Wait Times on the Dollywood App

One of the best ways to enjoy the trip as a group is to have a good understanding of how long waiting for a ride will take. Use the Dollywood app to search wait times and plan around that. Click this link to download the Dollywood app.


Tip 3- Take Advantage of Gift Shops, Snacks and Playgrounds Near Rides

Almost every section of the park is designed in a way that someone can ride while others can snack, shop or play on a playground. 


Tip 4- Visit During a Festival

Each festival throughout the year has special entertainment and themed décor that are fun for everyone.  Whether you are visiting in the spring to see the Flower & Food Festival or attending during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, there will be plenty of extra things to do at the park during a festival. Check out this blog to find out more information about Dollywood’s festivals in 2023.


Tip 5- Snack and Rest

Resting is key at Dollywood. It’s a 165-acre park nestled into the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Make sure everyone in your crew is getting the downtime they need.


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