Ranked: Best Dollywood Souvenirs < $15 Ranked: Best Dollywood Souvenirs < $15

Ranked: Best Dollywood Souvenirs < $15


July 28, 2022

Editor’s Note- Prices are accurate as of July 2022 There is a surprising number of quality souvenirs at Dollywood for less than $15. I thought it would be a fun undertaking to locate the best Dollywood souvenirs for $15 (and less!) and share them with you. So, during my last visit, I went into every shop in the park. Apart from the price tag, I had two additional criteria: 1. The items had to be uniquely Dollywood, either bearing the Dollywood logo or in theme; and 2. They had to be something that I genuinely would consider buying. And, yes, I did end up buying three on my list. Read to the end to find out which three. Here are my top 10 ranked:

  1. Dollywood Mugs $14.99

At the Dollywood Emporium you will find a wall of Dollywood mugs, showing photos of iconic locations in the park and Dolly Parton’s smiling face. Each one is emblazoned with a name. Can you find yours? Yes, they could be considered hokey, but I think that is part of the charm. I’m always drawn to them. I have yet to purchase my own, but I know someday I will break down and get one.

  1. “Dollyisms” Magnets $3.99

Dolly Parton is known for her witty and humorous sayings. At Mountain Laurel HOME you can find a number of these “dollyisms” on magnets, and the price is on point!

  1. Dollywood Bags $4.99

A tote bag is a tote bag, but these are pretty cool. I particularly like the one with the Dollywood logo and the sunset behind the Smoky Mountains. If you decided to get that Dollywood mug with Dolly’s face on it, maybe you’ll want the bag to match! These are available at various stores throughout the park.

  1. Dollywood Skyline Magnets $9.99

While there are plenty of magnet options in the park, I particularly like this one. You’ll have to pay a little more for this magnet in comparison with the others, but it's one-of-a-kind. It has the Dollywood skyline and a retro look about it. You’ll find it in the Temple’s Mercantile in The Village.

  1. Candles $9.99 to 14.99

Check out all the candle options. Prices vary. This is a unique find because you play a part in the creation process: dipping the candle yourself and coloring it to your own liking. I can see that this one will be fun and memorable for kids. Check it out at Old Flame’s Candles.

  1. Dollywood presents Tennessee Mountain Home Cooking Cookbook $14.99

Yes! It’s the official Dollywood cookbook, with recipes from Dolly Parton and employees from Dollywood. You can only buy it here in the park, and the price is quite reasonable for what you get.

  1. Fanny Pack $12.99

At first, I didn’t want to include this, but as it lingered in my mind, I think I actually want one, and now it’s made its way to my #4. Fanny packs are extremely useful in the park, and I like the Dollywood name affixed in an old western font. For a fanny pack, this is a good price!

  1. Wooden Ornaments $9.99-14.99

These ornaments are great. There are a variety to choose from in both Dollywood and Smoky Mountain themes. You’ll find them in Craftsman's Valley in Valley Wood Carvers.

  1. Dollywood Pins $7.99

Theme parks and pin collecting are known to go together. Dollywood has some good ones—from the simple park logo to different attractions in the park. I like the Mystery Mine one. You can actually move the coaster coal car on the pin! These are for sale at various attractions.

  1. Dollywood Express Mug $14.99

Maybe it’s because I really like the Dollywood Express, or I have a weakness for mugs, or perhaps this is truly a sweet mug for just less than $15. It’s a tall hardy mug, with great photos of the Dollywood Express on it and a uniquely designed handle. I was surprised by the price. It definitely takes the #1 spot for me.

So which ones did I end up purchasing? Well, it's no surprise. That Dollywood Express mug is just so cool. It’s now mine. And out of the pins, I did purchase the Mystery Mine pin! There is one more souvenir I bought, but it actually called out to me a few years ago. I own the Dollywood cookbook. I used it to prepare a dinner to celebrate Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday!

And now, lastly, an honorable mention:

Stickers $4.99/ Postcards 50 cents

I grouped these together. Dollywood just recently started selling stickers and brought back postcards. You’ll find the postcards in numerous locations, and the stickers are in the check-out line in the Dollywood Emporium. Also, if you are looking for just a simple Dollywood logo sticker, you’ll have to head over to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa to the Pokeberry Lane store.

Insider Tips

- When a purchased item is fragile, oversized or at a minimum purchase of $25, you don’t have to carry it around with you in the park. You can pick it up at the end of your day in the Dollywood Emporium

- Having a Dollywood Gold Pass will save you 15% on purchases throughout the park


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