Step Right Up: Playing Games at Dollywood Step Right Up: Playing Games at Dollywood

Step Right Up: Playing Games at Dollywood


July 14, 2021

Who doesn’t need an oversized plush orange orangutan in their life? Whose wish list doesn’t include a tie- dyed blob fish (who even knew there was such a thing)?  To obtain these and many other elusive multicolored trophies of triumph, all you have to do is conquer a game of skill or chance that Dollywood has to offer in its two distinct gaming sections. With some of the most classic and iconic carnival game offerings, there are a few tips you may want to consider in preparation to “step right up” and enjoy the family-friendly competition.

Where to Play

Dollywood has more than 20 games for you to enjoy during your visit to the park. You can find these games in the Country Fair area and at the top of Craftsman’s Valley (located beside the Tennessee Tornado roller coaster).




How to Play

Rather than needing cash as you move from game-to-game, you can purchase game vouchers at kiosks located in Country Fair or at the Tennessee Tornado location. Vouchers are available for redemption on the day of purchase, or you can use them on future trips to Dollywood. They expire at the end of the season, though!



Most Popular Game

Dollywood says the most-popular game they offer is the water pistol race! Although you may find this game with a few variations, it’s at both locations in the park. Because the entire family can play against each other without too much skill, there’s high demand. Guests also can choose to play against other guests who are not in their party to “up the ante” so to speak. You compete for a larger prize if four or more players participate! My family loves this game. Check out our last race in this video:



Best Game for First Time Players

The balloon pop is a winner-every-time game that offers some of Dollywood’s smallest guests an opportunity to take something home with them. The balloon pop is another game that can be found inside both Country Fair and Craftsman’s Valley.



Hardest Game to Win

The “holy grail” of all Dollywood games is the ring toss – a game of total luck in which guests attempt to throw rings onto a course full of bottleneck openings. High risk, high reward comes with this game as the largest prizes in the park are awarded for landing a ring on a bottle.  Don’t give up if you don’t make it on your first bucket - the average number of attempts to accomplish the feat is approximately four large buckets to land one ring.



Largest Prize

If (and when) you do land a ring on a bottle, a 25 lb. multicolored unicorn is yours for the taking. (Please note: prizes change throughout the year!)



Coming in a close second is the aforementioned plush orangutan you can win by simply knocking three bottles or cans off of an elevated platform.



This information is based on my last visit. The prizes could change.



Best Deal

Earlier, I mentioned you need vouchers to play these games at Dollywood. With this system in place, the more vouchers you purchase, the more value you get. This is great for large groups that may be interested in purchasing an allotment of vouchers for their entire party. Let me explain: $5 will get you one voucher. But, if you spend $50, you get 12 vouchers. That’s two for free! If you spend $100, you get 25 vouchers—that’s five for free!



Please note that these game prizes aren’t eligible for Package Pick-Up. But, what better way to show off your skills than walking around Dollywood without needing to say a single word. Let your new stuffed orangutan do the talking for you. That is a true #humblebrag! So, there you have it. Cue the carnival music, with a Dolly Parton twist, step right up and test your skill—or your luck—and have a great time doing it! We’ll see you and your new 25 lb. multicolored unicorn plush in the park soon.


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