A Summer Splash of Entertainment: Dollywood's Liquid Beats and Hydro Jive A Summer Splash of Entertainment: Dollywood's Liquid Beats and Hydro Jive

A Summer Splash of Entertainment: Dollywood's Liquid Beats and Hydro Jive


July 15, 2023

With summer here, what better way to embrace the sunny vibes than with a trip to Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration? Trust me, this festival is jam-packed with so much that will leave the whole family grinning from ear to ear. And two in particular have been causing quite a splash on the streets of Dollywood - Liquid Beats and Hydro Jive Junction.

Let's dive in and check out these festival favorites.

First: Catch the Rhythm

First up, we've got Liquid Beats, a group of talented landscaping specialists who both maintain the beauty of the park’s Market Square and unleash their musical percussive skills from time to time. Their instruments of choice? Everyday gardening tools. Shovels, rakes, watering cans—you name it, they make music out of it. And let me tell you, the beats and rhythms they create will have your feet tapping.


There's a little bonus that comes with the Liquid Beats experience. When you need a break from the sun, just head on over to Market Square and cool off in the garden hose fountain throughout the day. It's both part of the show and the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

Second: Do the Jive

Now, let's boogie just down the street to Jukebox Junction for some Hydro Jive Junction action. Get ready for a full-blown musical dance party that unfolds when a maintenance worker attempts to fix a leaky fire hydrant. You and your family are invited to join in on the fun as you groove to all-time favorites.


The cast is super talented, and the music is guaranteed to have everyone, young and old, dancing their hearts out. It's the perfect opportunity to take a breather and simply “soak” up some fantastic family-friendly entertainment.

“Show” Like a Pro

Before you head out to catch Liquid Beats and Hydro Jive Junction, however, I've got a few handy tips for you.


First, make sure you download the Dollywood app - you won’t miss a beat when it comes to finding show times for both these and all Dollywood shows.

And speaking of beats, both shows take place outdoors, so be sure to wear comfy, waterproof shoes.

Of course, we can't forget the essentials for a sunny summer day - most importantly, sunscreen and water! The Smoky Mountains can get warm in the summer, so it's essential to stay hydrated and protected from those rays.


Finally, both Liquid Beats and Hydro Jive Junction thrive on audience participation, so don't be shy! Let loose, join in the fun and dance your heart out to the music. It's all about creating unforgettable memories and immersing yourself in the sheer joy of these fantastic shows.

That’s Not All Folks

But wait, there's more to the Summer Celebration than just these two experiences. Don’t miss out on summer-themed shows over at the Back Porch Theater and Village Depot stage. There’s also a mesmerizing Sweet Summer Nights drone and fireworks show that makes for the perfect way to close out your Dollywood day.

Oh, and how could I forget the enchanting kite sky located above Showstreet, the Gazillion Bubbles show at Celebrity Theater, the gigantic foam party in Wilderness Plaza or the amazing lineup of tastes and treats located at festival booths throughout the park? There’s truly something for everyone during the summer season at Dollywood.

Fun for Everyone

Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration is an absolute must-visit if you're on the lookout for a summer filled with pure fun, excitement and mind-blowing entertainment.


And let me tell you, catching Hydro Jive Junction and Liquid Beats at this incredible festival is an experience like no other. These interactive shows not only help you beat the heat but also provide a refreshing escape into the world of music, dance and interactive fun.

So, seize the moment. Plan your own Dollywood adventure and immerse yourself in the thrill and excitement that awaits. Along the way, don't miss out on the chance to splash, sing and create memories you'll remember forever by catching Hydro Jive Junction and Liquid Beats.


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