In Pictures: The Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen In Pictures: The Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen

In Pictures: The Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen


November 30, 2021

As a photographer, bright colors and details always catch my eye. One of the places I love to photograph (and browse!) while visiting Dollywood is the Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen. Located between Showstreet Ice Cream and the Southern Pantry, the Candy Kitchen produces enough sweet treats to feed an army every day! To entice you to check out this Dollywood gem, here is the Sweet Shoppe in pictures:




The morning shift: hours before guests arrive at Dollywood, the candy makers have already prepped hundreds of apples ready to be dipped and decorated! Caramel apples are popular all season at Dollywood, but this time of year the Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen sells between 800 and 950 apples a day!

Fudge, fudge and even more fudge! From seasonal flavors like candy cane to your everyday chocolate varieties, Dollywood’s Sweet Shoppe has it covered. Dollywood considers candy making an art, so craftsmen and craft team members make fudge daily. Dollywood serves up an astonishing 2,000 plus pieces of fudge every day!

Dollywood’s candy craftsmen are famous for making all sorts of confection creations. I recommend the chocolate-dipped Oreos.

These pinwheels are richly unexpected. Known as potato candy, this simple treat is an Appalachian tradition. When rural families didn’t have luxuries like candies, they made their own with potatoes, sugar, peanut butter and water.

One of the most popular treats at the Sweet Shoppe is the frozen cheesecake. The classic dessert is frozen after it sets, then dipped in chocolate and served on a stick for a perfect treat on the go.

Dollywood sweets make a perfect gift! At Christmastime, wrap up some chocolates or stuff some stockings with homemade candy. At other times of the year, I'm sure you can find another reason to share a treat. It’s sure to be the most delicious gift you give!


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