Tips for your first trip to Dollywood’s Splash Country Tips for your first trip to Dollywood’s Splash Country

Tips for your first trip to Dollywood’s Splash Country


May 30, 2023

What is better than a water park filled with splash pads, a lazy river, a wave pool, slides and even a water coaster on a hot Tennessee day? I’d argue it doesn’t get much better than that in describing a perfect summer day.

If you are anything like me, when you go someplace for the first time, you love to get some pro-tips from those that have been before. Even if you aren’t a planner, the tips below will help you have an even more successful, stress-free day for your first visit to Dollywood’s Splash Country.


Get there early. Not everyone wants to rush out the door on summer vacation, so take advantage of this and get to the park early. You’ll get a first pick for seating around the wave pool, and lines will usually be shorter.


Use the lockers at the wave pool area. These lockers are located right in the middle of the park, plus it’s near the wave pool if you like to lounge there during the day. As a family, I suggest the largest lockers for $20, because they easily fit any towels, small snacks, water bottles etc. that you’ll want to bring.

Flip flops and water shoes. Pavement can get hot in the summer, so wearing flip-flops or water shoes around the park can be helpful. Some rides allow you to wear certain shoes; other rides allow you to take them off and carry them on the ride with you. If a ride doesn’t allow either, my family leaves our shoes in a designated place to come back to after the ride. If you ever have a question on these types of policies, ask a Dollywood host - they are always willing to help!

Bring refillable water bottles. I love how Dollywood offers multiple water refilling stations in both parks. On hot days, you’ll want to have water bottles for the whole family to keep refilling so you can last a full day of water-filled fun.


Eating lunch around normal lunch hours. Eating lunch a little earlier or a little later than the normal lunch rush can save some time waiting in line for the delicious fare you’ll find at Dollywood’s Splash Country. Watch this video from a fellow Dollywood Insider for more about the food you’ll find at the park: Splash Country Food Tour.

Top items to bring. If you are a real planner, check out my friend’s post for help with all the top items to bring to Dollywood Splash Country - I Wouldn't Do Dollywood's Splash Country Without These Items.

Don’t be afraid to go on rainy days. You’re already in a swimsuit prepared to be wet, and braving a little rainy weather will allow you some shorter lines and more time sliding. Just remember that Dollywood’s Splash Country does shut the rides down in inclement weather like thunderstorms for safety reasons.

Head to the beginning of the park if things get busy. We’ve noticed that even when the park gets busy, the Tailspin Racer water slide located at the front of the park seems to have shorter lines. So head there if you are looking for more ride time. My kids love to race each other down these slides.


Rent a Retreat for lounging and shade. If you are looking for some downtime at the water park, the Retreat rentals are a great place to hang out while resting from the rides. Plan to rent them ahead of time, so you can ensure the availability.

I hope this first trip is just one of many this summer! Happy splashing!


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All Insiders Trip Planning Water Park

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